Wednesday, April 14, 2010


By Paul McGuire


President Obama has now taken the Middle East peace process directly into his own hands and he has an aggressive stance towards Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is getting payback from Obama for publicly snubbing the President. President Obama has fired off a list of demands to Netanyahu.

For the first time since the re-birth of Israel in 1946, the White House seems to have done an abrupt about face towards Israel. Obama sees Israel as bringing a potential nuclear threat to U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Iran’s leader has threatened to nuke U.S. soldiers, if the U.S. or Israel attacks Iran. This threat is no longer an idle threat; Russia has now announced that Iran will have a working nuclear reactor by August and a nuke within a year.

The Obama Administration is playing up a possible nuclear attack on the U.S. We must remember that the global elite who seem to stop at nothing have historically used a “manufactured crisis” to produce radical change. There are still a lot of dumb Americans who only watch the Corporate controlled media and have no idea that the collapse of the dollar and the world economy is planned! In case you still doubt that, you need to read the financial records of billionaire George Soros and the international bankers who continue to make billions of dollars by betting on the dollar and now the euro going down which they created. The Bilderbergers and other groups are making trillions while America, Greece the other nations go broke. Read my book “The Day The Dollar Died.”

During the upcoming 2010 elections in November, President Obama has prepared 80,000 troops to stop civil unrest or a terrorist attack. Will the American people be happy after the 2010 elections? Of course not! America as we once knew is in the middle of a Communist revolution. At least that’s what Russian’s leader Putin said.
But, the balance of power does not lie in the UN, with the Bilderbergers, or the White House. America is being weighed right now in the courts of heaven and the ball is in the church’s court. What America and specifically what the Evangelical Church does with Israel is going to be the tipping point. If we continue to violate the Abrahamic Covenant where God clearly says about Israel, “I will bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee.” If God curses America because it curses Israel, you will see the unspeakable happen in America. Potential events that could happen could be total economic collapse and Martial Law. A nuclear attack on a major U.S. city either through terrorists or manufactured crisis, an unprecedented earthquake in America or other catastrophic event.

This upsets the theology of many Evangelical Christians because they think God is only love. God is love and just. There were false prophets In Jeremiah’s day and the Apostle Paul warned that there will be false prophets in our day. He will honor His covenant with Israel and I don’t think America understands what it would be like to be under the curse of God.
There are many excellent Messianic believers who are communicating this message. But, it is important that Gentiles like myself, issue a prophetic warning to the nation. I can reach large numbers of people that a Messianic Jew cannot. We are producing television shows, conference, books, and prophecy meetings to communicate how the Abraham Covenant will affect America. By, God grace He has given me a platform to reach the masses and the elite in media, entertainment, religion and politics.
But, it requires prayer and your sacrificial donations for this to happen. I have found many Christians and American’s who dislike Israel and they will not support my efforts to stand with Israel as a Gentile. In fact, they attack me for doing it.

I really want to close by warning the Jewish community, Messianic Jews and Christian brothers and sisters that if we do not stand up for Israel now, we will see a horrible second Holocaust in Israel, in America and across the world. The forces of anti-Semitism are growing stronger and bolder every day. They can be stopped, but it will require both prayers and significant sums of money to combat these forces. As a Gentile who loves Israel, I believe the Lord God of Israel has called me to do this. Will you stand with me or will your pretend that “it can’t happen here?” I have news for you it is happening here and I am warning you as a watchman on the wall.

God has given us a short window of opportunity to change things. It is remarkable to me how many Christians that God has given wealth and power to. Yet they are blinded by their riches and do very little to change the direction of our nation. History shows us they will come for you in the middle of the night. Both Christians and Jews! Yet, if we act now we can change things!.

I have been seeking the Lord the power of the Holy Spirit, we are strategically moving to educate, inform and engage people in standing with Israel in practical ways. With your financial help and prayers we have just finished producing are first three television shows that will air in the U.S. and globally. We are moving forward to be on the air seven days a week on multiple networks on television and radio. We are hearing reports from around the world that our message is desperately needed and that it is changing things around the world. We want to warn America and the world of the blessing and curse of the Abrahamic Covenant.

But, I need partners, intercessors and people will to donate financially. We are thankful for every gift financially no matter how small! But, I have a word of exhortation for some of you from the Lord. A number of you are capable of giving the very large gifts that are necessary to save the nations. But, the Lord has shown me that some of you are hoarding and trusting in your wealth. The Lord has shown me that He is giving you a final opportunity to use the wealth and riches He has given you and that you are accountable to Him for what He has given you. The bottom line is your money is not your money, it is God's. The Bible say's, "It is God who gives you the power to get wealth."

The Lord is calling you to be wise and strategic in your giving. This appeal for support is to Christians, Messianic Jews and all Jews who stand for Israel. I am not Jewish, but I want to stand with Israel in preventing the kind of Holocaust the Netanyahu just spoke of! Hostility for the Jews is growing in America and around the world. There are organizations that are being financed with millions of dollars to stop Christians like myself from standing for Israel. But, it is difficult to win this battle in preventing a new holocaust when you are up against organizations that have millions of dollars! It is vital that a Gentile such as myself deliver this message because I can reach people that Jewish people cannot! I have access to Fox News Network, CNN and other media outlets. The Lord has shown me that some of you are in danger of losing your fortunes overnight. If GM and the many other financial giants can crash, so can you. These are not words of emotional manipulation. They are words put on my heart by the Lord. It is not the will of God for this to happen to you. But, the financial environment in America and around the world could suffer economic collapse.

Check out for “McGuire Israel Prophecy Meetings” and conferences in your area. Paradise Mountain Church International is a 501 c 3 religious corporation. As such, your gifts are tax deductible if you make your checks out to Paradise Mountain Church International.

Paul McGuire and Paul McGuire Ministries minister from Paradise Mountain Church International.

This very week we a producing television programs that will the blow trumpet and call God’s people to spiritual warfare for Israel. God will judge those believers who listen to false prophets who are falsely promising them peace and prosperity. The reality is that we are in a time of the greatest spiritual warfare – the End of the Age!

I am doing everything I can to mobilize Christians and to have God’s people stand for righteousness before a great darkness covers the earth. There is still time to preserve freedom and to spread the Gospel. However to accomplish and to win this spiritual war for souls, I need partners to stand with me. You can donate on line by pressing the donation button or by sending your check to the address below.


Paul McGuire

Paradise Mountain Church International is a 501 c 3 religious corporation. As such, your gifts are tax deductible if you make your checks out to Paradise Mountain Church International.Paul McGuire and Paul McGuire Ministries minister from Paradise Mountain Church International. *At this time Paul McGuire takes no salary from the ministry. He works in a volunteer capacity.

Remember, be thankful in all things. God is still on the throne. The Messiah is returning and God answers prayer. You have been chosen for such a time as this!

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Remember, be thankful in all things. God is still on the throne. The Messiah is returning and God answers prayer. You have been chosen for such a time as this!


Paul McGuire
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