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Paul McGuire

Alien visitors to Planet Earth have been the topic of much discussion for centuries Do aliens and UFO’s have a part to play in the Great Apostasy in the last days. Claims of alien abductions, sighting of UFO’s, crop circles and other alleged evidences of alien visitation seem to have grown with what happened in Roswell, New Mexico decades ago.
In recent years there has been escalating discussion about the possibility of life on other planets such as Mars. Recent scientific discoveries concerning signs of water on Mars now open the door to the possibility of alien life. What would the discovery of life on other planets was due to the world and the faith of Christians?

I would suspect that a lot of people would have their faith shaken. But, those who understand the Bible correctly would not have a problem with the discovery of life on other Planets.
The Catholic Church, not wanting to make the mistake they did when they insisted the earth was flat and that the Earth was the center of the universe, have come out with statements that the discovery of life on other planets is probable. I remember as young children walking around claiming that the Bible could not be true because it said they world was flat and science proved it was round. Much to my surprise when I actually read the Bible years later, I discovered nowhere in the Bible does it suggest that the Earth was flat!
The Bible is somewhat silent on the subject of life on other planets. It does say that God has created the entire cosmos, and in the universe there are countless planets and suns. Does the fact, that God sent His only Begotten Son to Planet Earth to save our sins suggest that there is not life on other planets? The answer is no.

The Bible leaves the door open to the possibility of life on other planets and if the time should come in our lifetime that life is discovered on other planets, we as Christians should have a Biblical world view that is able to deal intelligently with such a prospect.

However, what about UFO’s and aliens visiting planet earth? There are many prominent scientists who believe there is scientific evidence that proves that aliens have visited us. In addition, there seems to be strong indications that there have been high level government cover-ups of evidence of aliens and UFO’s. Many of the astronauts reported seeing UFO’s in outer space. At one point, due to the high number of sightings of UFO’s, the code name Santa Claus was used to refer to the spotting of a UFO craft. At the Roswell incident there seems to be some kind of government cover-up. In fact, there are some in government circles and the scientific community who report having seen and communicated with these aliens.

A highly secretive program created to deal with aliens and UFO’s called MJ 12 or the Majestic Twelve regularly met to coordinate highly classified information on UFO’s and aliens. The MJ 12 program was placed above America’s nuclear weapons program in terms of scurrility. Three directors of the CIA, Rockefeller and ran MJ 12.

The week before NASA announced that there might be life on Mars, one of the world’s most prominent scientists, Stephen Hawking said, “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can.” Hawking, warned, that trying to make contact with alien races is “a little too risky. If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

But, some scientists believe that these aliens may not be visitors from another planet, but another dimension. In other words, is it possible that aliens and UFO’s are actually fallen angels or demons? This might explain the “Reptilian” look of some of the aliens and such things as “shape shifting.” If this is the case, that the aliens or fallen angels would be here to be part of great last day’s deception or the Great Apostasy. In Revelation we read about the Antichrist and False Prophet who can perform lying signs and wonders. The False Prophet can call “fire down from heaven.” Does this have something to do with UFO’s and aliens? The Bible is very specific in discussing a spiritual battle where one third of the angels fell and are now in rebellion from God.
Our good friend Chuck Missler has done quite a bit of research on the strange union of fallen angels with women to produce a hybrid race called the "Nephilim," or fallen ones. Could this explain the countless reports of alien impregnation of human women.
Missler writes, “Regarding the Nephilim, Genesis 6:4 also includes the haunting phrase, "...and also after that...." Apparently these strange events were not confined just to the period before the Flood.

We find that there seems to be some recurrence of those things which resulted in unusual "giants" appearing in subsequent periods later in the Old Testament narrative, specifically the giant-races of Canaan.

There were a number of tribes such as the Rephaim, the Emim, the Horim, and Zamsummim, that were giants.1 The kingdom of Og, the King of Bashan, was the "land of the giants."2 Later, we also find Arba,3 Anak, and his seven sons (the "Anakim") also as giants, along with the famed Goliath4 and his four brothers.

When God had revealed to Abraham that the land of Canaan was to be given to him, Satan had over 400 years to plant his "mine field" of Nephilim!6
When Moses sent his twelve spies to reconnoiter the Land of Canaan, they came back with the report of giants in the land.7 (The term used was Nephilim.) Their fear of those terrifying creatures resulted in their being relegated to wandering in the wilderness for 38 years.

When Joshua and the nation Israel later entered the land of Canaan, they were instructed to wipe out every man, woman and child of certain tribes.8 That strikes us as disturbingly severe. It would seem that in the Land of Canaan, there again was a "gene pool problem."

These Rephaim, Nephilim, and others seem to have been established as an advance guard to obstruct Israel's possession of the Promised Land. Was this also a stratagem of Satan?”
Could it be that as we are moving closer to the end of the age that the Great Apostasy has already begun. Spiritual deception is rampant. We believe things in America today that we would not even dared to think when I was a child growing up NYC.

It is my opinion after considerable research, that many of the most powerful men and women in the world, the hidden elite. A number of these individuals are deeply involved in the occult, spirit guides and hate the God of the Bible. Israel is God’s prophetic time clock and we are moving towards the tribulation, Antichrist and the return of the Messiah.

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