Friday, July 23, 2010


By Paul McGuire

A revolution started when one third of angels led by Lucifer launched a rebellion against God. Ancient Babylon led by Nimrod and his mother, launched an occult conspiracy that began at the Tower of Babel and continues to this day. The Bible in great detail goes into the nature of this spiritual battle that has lasted for thousands of years and is culminating in our day. The hidden things of darkness are now being exposed. American’s and people around the world are discovering for the first time that their governments, Presidents, Prime Ministers, economics , science and religion have been under the control of an a secretive elite who are the Invisible Government.

These powerful elite who have powerful who are being controlled by principalities and powers and the world rulers of darkness or the kosmokratos. We are now at the time that the ancient Hebrew Propjets, Jesus Christ and Apostle Paul wrote about. The one world government is rising all around us and America is being destroyed to pave the way for one world government. A one world economic system where you cannot buy or sell with the mark of the beast is now here. All of this was predicted in Revelation 13 and my research indicates that the “mark” is a microchip implant. In my brand new book Are You Ready for the Microchip? Are You Ready for the Microchip Implant? It will be out in a couple of weeks and there is still time to pre-order now by going to

The Bilderberg Group ordered that every U.S. citizen has to receive a microchip. Those microchips are ready now. Verichip Corporation the leader in manufacturing microchips, changed its name to PositiveID, so it could receive medical stimulus and Health Care funding by manufacturing a Med-Chip. Every baby born in the U.S. will receive a microchip by 2013. They may not make that date, if you express your voice. All of this is researched from credible documentation. A number of highly respected attorneys have said that the Health Care Bill provides for a Med-Chip and a microchip implant.

From all over the world we are receiving E Mails from men and women who have received Christ through our books like The Day The Dollar Died. People buy these books in quantities and give them to businessmen, entertainment industry people and other kind of people who would never ready any religious books, but they are interested in the content of these books because it gives them cutting edge answers and then the E Mail me and tell me they have accepted the Lord. Our goal is to distribute one million copies of Are You Ready for the Microchip? As such we are making these books available at bulk discounts if you agree to give them to people who need to hear the message. In addition, our freedoms are being taken from us. I have exposed this conspiracy in the book and given a plan of action on how to take your nation back.

Time is running out fast. I also write about the need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, how to walk in the supernatural and how God has promised to pour out His Spirit on both the Jews (Joel 2) and the Church (Acts 2) in the last days. We are trying to teach from the Bible and history how it is possible to have a Great Awakening and ignite the fires of revival.

Properly understood, this does not have to contradict Paul’s warning of the great apostasy spreading in the Church and it does not interfere with Bible Prophecy. Our goal is to spiritually equip God’s people to become workers in the final last day harvest before the Return of the Lord.

We have produced television shows, working on a new radio program, holding conferences and doing what we can to fulfill the Great Commission. There seems to be blindness to a large percentage of the Church that the Lord is returning soon and that Israel is God’s prophetic time clock and that we must stand with Israel. However, we need to raise millions of dollars while we still have the freedom to do so, in order to launch a worldwide outreach. We thank God for every donation $25, $100 or $1,000.

Together these gifts add up. I want to challenge some of you who can give substantial amounts to really seek the Lord about what you should give. I would not ask you to partner me but I have a burning fire in my heart and I believe we can preserve freedom and America and other nations so that the Gospel can be preached. God has spoken to me through His Word some things that are coming and how if God’s people will repent and seek His face, do not have to come to pass. God has a good plan for America, your nation and your life that is good. There is still hope and the promises of God.

I ask you to partner with me with your prayers and gifts because. To date, I have not taken a salary or remuneration in this ministry. All book royalties go to the ministry and I work 18 hours a day 6 days a week. God has convicted my heart deeply and I cannot stand idly by and watch our nation be destroyed. What I do, I do out of love for God, you, your children and grand children. I am not judging other ministries who never talk about what is really going on, But, I know that I could not put my head on the pillow at night with a clean conscience if I did that. I am doing what the Lord has called me to do.

Please keep me and our family in your prayers, it is not easy to be on the frontlines and take a public stand for righteousness. When the enemy cones in like, a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against Him! God has called you and me for such a time as this. Let us be bold and believe God for great and mighty things! Nothing is impossible with God! We are launching out to teach the Word of God, help bring in the coming last days harvest and ignite the fires of revival.

There are very powerful forces of darkness that are attempting to bring down our nation and nations in the world, so they can establish a godless world government. There plans are very evil and I am going to link some of their remarks, but there is still a small window of time that I believe that God has given us to stop them. The spiritual fathers of the Great Awakening understood that being a true Christian meant standing against evil as well as preaching the Gospel. If America goes down, much of the preaching of the Gospel worldwide will end!

In addition, we must stand with Israel! Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn have been traveling to Egypt to promote Hamas and Hezbollah. Ayers and Dohrn also organized the flotilla of ships in order to discredit Israel. President Obama has announced plans to use NATO troops to force a Palestinian State.

I want you to click here and hear the testimony of an FBI agent who infiltrated the Weather Underground where Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were. (Friends of Obama). They are deadly serious according to highly respected Constitutional Attorney these re-education camps are being built around the United States. These are not conspiracy theories, these are real and I have documentation in my book Are You Ready for the Microchip?

But, before the Lord returns, there may be incredible persecution of believers. But, the Bible teaches us that God deals with individuals, nations and communities differently. If we seek the face of God with all our heart and do not bury our heads in the sand, we can stop this. I believe it can be delayed until the Tribulation Period. But, I literally weep for my nation and God’s people and leaders. Many of them know what is going on, but they are not telling the people! They are burying their heads in the sand and hoping it will go away. But, history shows us that evil does not just go away. It must be resisted. The philosopher Edmund Burke, said, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” My heart breaks and I believe the heart of God breaks when he sees all His people walking around like nothing is happening. Are there true prophets in the land? The false prophets are always promising peace and prosperity. But, I am here to tell you under the power of the Holy Spirit, as the Lord is my witness, that we are marching towards destruction.

Things are not going to just improve! We have broken the laws of God and we, and our children are going into captivity! Yet, the Lord in His love for us extends His hand of deliverance and hope. The Lord is shouting, a trumpet is being blown in Zion. If we will repent, seek the face of the Lord and in the power of the Spirit drive the Enemy from our land through spiritual warfare. God will show His mercy to us and we do not have to follow the way of the German Church in Nazi, Germany. Righteous men and women can be put in political office. The powers of darkness and their evil plans can be stopped. There can be hope for you and your children’s future!

But, now is the time. There is no other time. The time is now. I have put everything I have into this. Will you stand with me? In prayers, support and action?
Your servant in Christ,

Paul McGuire

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