Sunday, July 11, 2010


BY Paul McGuire

Ideas have consequences politically, artistically, sexually and culturally. The Founding Fathers of America, who had a Judeo-Christian world view produced a society based on the Constitution and Bill of Rights that was unique in all of human history. There has never been a better form of government than in America. The Constitution and Bill of Rights recognized the Creator, the sinfulness of man and the fact that man’s natural tendency was to drift towards tyranny and so they carefully put safeguards in the American system.

The primary safequard was dividing the government into three separate branches so they would keep each other in check and protect “We the people.”

The second very basic safeguard was the Second Amendment where the citizen has the right to bear arms. The purpose of arms was not to protect people from burglars and rapists, but protect the people form tyrannical government. It goes hand in hand with the Constitutional right to have an armed militia and states’ rights. Modern Christians like their secular counter parts have been dumbed down by the indoctrination of humanists in the public school system and cannot understand the historical realities that created the ability of the Bill of Rights.


Two eras have come out of the Middle Ages which have tremendous impact on where the world is going to day. The Renaissance which began in Southern Europe in Italy during the 1300’s and 1400’s. The Reformation which began in Northern Europe in the 1400’s and 1500’s. The Renaissance was a humanistic movement that idealized man’s intellect and reason. The Renaissance placed a good emphasis on nature and the environment. But, the Renaissance represented Human-centeredness.

They key artists of the Renaissance emphasized an as the center of the universe. Jan Van Eyck in the Northern part of Europe where the Reformation occurred used nature, scripture and realism.

The art of the Renaissance also shows increasing independence of man,
which results in loss of meaning or existential absurdity. Art went from the beauty of the Madonna exposing her breast n the feeding of the baby Jesus, to the “Red Virgin” who was the King’s mistress and the purpose of the female breast exposed was for sexuality.

The Renaissance intellectuals were worldly and were more impressed with pagan
philosophers of Greece than with the Bible.

Later Renaissance to capture the universal beginning only with man who can find ultimate meaning apart from God. Plato and Aristotle were compartmentalized in Michelangelo’s Art. The people of Renaissance became pleasure seeking and worldly.

The Renaissance was a very worldly time - many "natural" children were born - children
Without a legal father. Prostitution abounded. They worshiped beauty apart from morality

These ideas were reflected by Dante who separated erotic love and romantic love with his mistress and wrote no romantic writings for the wife he lived with. As we shall see ideas have consequences. The Biblical ideas of the Reformation lead to Biblical morality and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The ideas of the Renaissance, which represented humanism, led to a violent and bloody French revolution open orgies in the church. Every revolution in the history of man based on humanism has led to totalitarianism, the loss of freedom, the bitter persecution of Christians and mass murder.

Fascism (National Socialism) and Communism lead to the deaths of 200 million people in the last century and it is about to repeat itself in America,
The overwhelming majority of Evangelical Christians in America have no idea about what is to befall the. They are like children playing on a street with serial killers moving closer. Their leaders are incapable of leading them because they do not understand what is happening. I will never forget meeting one my friend’s grandparents in an elevator in New York City and he showed me his tattoo from the Nazi Concentration Camps.

The purpose of our ministry to educate people from a Biblical perspective as to where we are and provide a plan of action to preserve freedom while the Lord has given us time. It is not too late to stop the train! With God all things are possible!

It is critical to America and the world that we educate people to the legal protections they have regarding, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, and FREEDOM OF SPEECH. There are subversive forces on the Right and the Left that have done everything in power to keep American Christian's from knowing their Bill of Rights. Once you know your Constitution and Bill of Rights you can see clearly the number of politicians on the right and left, the Supreme Court, treaties and Executive Orders that are being stolen from you, right before your very eyes.

The American Constitution is a unique Judeo Christian document. It is in total contrast to a humanistic European Union, United Nations and North American Union where you have no rights! This is incremental tryanny and the result will be global totalitarianis. During the First Great Awakening in America that began in England with George Whitfield, the ministers were deeply involved in the political process and would preach sermons, that were published by the large newspapers of the day. These ministers would teach the people about how Biblical truths were connected to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Up until several decades ago in America, the majority of Bible believing ministers taught their people about the Constitution and Bill of Rights which caused our religious freedoms to be protected.

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