Thursday, September 30, 2010



By Paul McGuire

We live in a time like no other time. Due to computer technology the global economy could collapse over night. All of Europe is preparing for a mass strike because the European governments spent the money they should have been putting away for people’s retirement. The European Union is expected hold a mass strikes so that the Government will pay the pensions. To compound the problem, most European nations bought into the “Pro-choice” mentality so Europe has basically zero population growth, except for immigrants and Muslim’s God’s Word specifically states that mankind should be “fruitful and multiply.”

God’s reasoning for that was to strengthen the family, for spiritual reason and for economic reasons. When the younger generations are killed off the economy grinds to a halt and here are no workers to pay into the tax and retirement system. It is an amazing how all the economists could not grasp this simple fact. There reason for this, is that mankind refuses to acknowledge God’s existence. “Professing to be as wise man they are fools.” Another possibility is that the elites of this world have embraced the ideas of Malthus, who taught in the 1870’s that all of mankind’s problems were due excessive population growth. However, it causes further than that. The elites, radical environmentalists want to see the population reduced by 6 ½ billion people and the world’s ideal population would be 500 million.

We keep hearing the Establishment talk about ‘Mass Strikes, and the on European-style socialism education and on the virtues of “European Union." But, European Socialism is unattainable. The plan of the United Nation's Four Horsemen is to destroy the U. dollar and set up a world government and a global currency. Iran, Russia, China and the Middle East are forming strategic alliances to block oil production in the Strait of Hormuz, where the U.S. gets 30% of its oil.

Although we have not entered the Tribulation Period, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are starting to ride fourth. Mass diseases outbreaks, famine. War and economic collapse are on the horizon. A series of nuclear attacks, a global economic collapse, food shortages and mass anarchy could make America look like a scene from “Road Warrior.” The Government would be forced to declare Martial Law and take over the media and the Internet. Some Russian scientists believe the U.S. will break up into separate regions with California coming under Chinese rule. Strangely, The Governor of California, offered China the opportunity to invest trillions in California, which essentially means they would own it.

Overnight America would be turned into a Police State and political dissidents sent to FEMA Concentration Camps like REX 84. Already the government has basically overturned the Constitution and we have lost many of your rights in the Bill of Rights. The Federal Government wants to control all nutritional supplements so that we would be forced to rely on the Big Pharmaceutical Companies and American’s would begin dying by the millions.

Obama and his Marxist revolutionaries did not just stroll into the White House. The Shadow Government wanted him to implement these radical policies. For over a hundred years the International Bankers have financed National Socialism (Nazism), Communism and radical Marxism. Early on men like Rockefeller, Brzezinski, H.G. Wells, and Bertrand Russell believed in creating a World Communist State. Rockefeller openly stated that the ideal society would be a merger between Communist China and America. They like the totalitarian control of Communist nations and the productivity of America. These invisible elite see themselves as the scientific elite or rulers and rest of the world as serfs or slaves.

The number one enemy of the elite is the American Middle Class and the Middle Class of other nations because they are increasingly being educated as to what is really happening and they are anticipating armed resistance from these groups. That is why the Department of Homeland Security keeps issuing DHS Reports on Right Wing Extremism. Bible believing Christians, patriotic citizens who believe in the American way of life, American’s who are suspicious of Communism, China, Russia, Cuba or the policies of Obama are all being profiled as terrorists on government computers. Christians who believe in the traditional family, the Bible and Bible prophecy are also on the terrorist watch lists. If you are a Christian are you believe the Bible earns about the mark of the beast, one world government, the Antichrist, Israel and the Rapture you are a terrorist. But, soldiers were number one on the terrorist list was returning veterans from Iraq, the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan were profiled because they were trained militarily and they were patriotic.

Just like in Communist China, Russia and Cuba, churches who teach the Bible literally and who teach prophecy are labeled “Right Wing Extremists. In fact a major military Psy Ops war is being conducted again the U.S. population causing Americans to perceive Christians who love Jesus, conservatives, member of the Tea Parties, people who believe in the Constitution and the traditional family is portrayed as “Right Wing Extremists.” In addition, government agents continue to infiltrate these groups trying to incite people to act violently and do extreme things, so that they can succeed in scaring people from being identified as “Right Wing Extremists.


A new technology which allows Federal agencies, police departments, mental health professionals and the military to search through millions of E Mails, phone calls, websites, letters, social networking and instant messages was made available at a recent First Responder-Military symposium held at Hilbert College. A Swiss professor working with a Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist heads the Mind Machine Project which has developed technology which detects resentment towards government and hatred or deep resentment of government. The technology detects resentment towards government through voice patterns in cell phone calls, language in E Mails, facial recognition, photo imaging of the brain and a vast array of surveillance technologies.

These people are then classified as terrorists and potential terrorists and are arrested and placed under surveillance. Veterans are high on the list of being domestic terrorists. Ironically, if you are a radical leftist, environmentalist, Communist, gay-activist or globalist, than you are not a terrorist. In short, if you don’t like Obama, are patriotic, believe in the Constitution, God and the Bible, than you are a terrorist! But, Let’s not blame Obama on this, these programs were created by George W. Bush during the Patriotic Act.

It is right out of George Orwell’s 1984, where you could be arrested for “facecrime.” Also, the program has nothing to do with real terrorists from the Middle East. This technology is against who the government now targets as the terrorist which is the tax-paying, God-fearing and patriotic Middle Class.

Finally, any day now a war looms between Israel and Iran over nuclear missiles. Iran is protected by Russia and China. Iran is arming its agents Hezbollah and Hams with over 450,000 rockets on the border of Israel. The fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy in Ezekiel 38 which is called the War of God and Maggot, where the God of Israel will supernaturally defeat the enemies of Israel will end Islam and prepare the way for the world government. In addition, this prophecy being fulfilled will ignite the filers of revival and cause millions of people to accept Jesus Christ into their lives before the Tribulation. I believe this is the last days of Harvest that God will reap before His return at the Rapture of the Church.

Everything we do at Paul McGuire Ministries is designed to educate people with the prophetic scriptures around the world so that millions are prepared to receive Christ and that hundreds of thousands of Churches are in position to disciple the millions who are going to come into the kingdom.

In addition we are getting reports from around the world of people who have accepted Jesus Christ after hearing me on TV, radio, hearing an MP3 or reading one of my books. Many believers buy bulk quantities of my books to distribute them to non-believers. Buy, God’s grace we are preparing believers and we get E Mails daily from people all around the world that are turned off by Christianity. At Paul McGuire Ministries are seeing a great harvest of souls.

We have produced 3 television shows and more that are on the way that various Christian networks will air. Also, we are going to Podcast live from our website that will enable to reach vast numbers of people. We need partners who will pray for us and give so we can hold these outreaches. Obviously, any gift is greatly appreciated. However, we need some people to write out some large checks to help us accomplish what God has called us to do. You can make the checks out to Paradise Mountain Church International 501 C 3 Corporation. P.O. Box 220567 Newhall, CA 91322-0567

The hour is far later than we think! The brief window God has kept opening for us is closing. But, due to God’s long suffering He has still given us time to act. I know what the Holy Spirit has called me to do and that is to give up everything to obey His call. I literally lie awake at night thinking of your children and my children along with the people we know. Unless the Lord comes very soon, I believe we are about to step into a nightmare that is unimaginable. Anyone, who has studied what has happened to people in totalitarian regimes, has a brief notion what is coming. But, this time the danger than at any other time in human history. The new global technological surveillance systems make it impossible to hide!

The all-seeing Eye of Lucifer in the middle of the period is rising. Satan knows his time is short and a vast army of millions of demons is about to march across the Earth. I do not believe the Church will be here to see the Antichrist and False Prophet. But, I am talking about what happens now and between the Rapture!

We are commanded by Jesus Christ to “Occupy until I come.” This is a spiritual occupation which involves getting involved the legal and peaceful means of changing our nation and preserving our freedoms. This must be dome because millions of souls and millions of souls in foreign nations are in the balance.

Very few ministries understand the multidimensional nature of the battle. God wants His people to be victorious until He returns. That does not mean we will not see persecution! With the risk of sounding super spiritual, the Lord has been showing me things for over 30 years. Most often I do not share this publicly, because it would be unbearable for Christians to hear. But the Lord also shows me His promises and about a plan that would give God’s people victory and a hope for the future. The Bible says, “The horse may be ready for the day of battle, but victory comes from the Lord.”

In the Old Testament when the leaders of sought the Lord for specific counsel before going into battle, if they would listen, the Lord gave them specific battle plans and they would be victorious, even if they were outnumbered. Today the enemies of God have enormous resources. But, God has a specific plan for giving His people victory! If your mind is fixed on the mere physical realities, things appear hopeless. But, that is a lie of the enemy. God has shown me a plan that will give us victory now. However, we must obey the plan! The Lord’s arm is outstretched and He is mighty to save. The ultimate victory will happen at the Second Coming. God is going to magnify Himself among the nations. In the midst of great turmoil God is going to work massive spiritual victories among nations, cities and individuals

I cannot share the specifics! However, here at Paul McGuire Ministries we are moving forward in obedience and you have the opportunity to partner with us. For those of you who have discernment, you will be able to see where this is going and why it will work. The most important thing is that God has shown us!

Someone sent me a You Tube of someone blowing the shear that you can play by clicking here. There is a very strong anointing on the man blowing the shofar. When you hear him blow the shofar under the anointing, those of you who are sensitive to the Lord will receive an explanation of what the Lord of Hosts is about to do and why He has called us, you and others to mobilize! There is a great gathering of the saints and the Lord who is mighty in battle is about to shake the earth. Part of what the Lord is doing is in Ezekiel 38, Acts 2 and other chapters. Are You Ready?

There is a coming separation in the spirit between carnal Christians and the true Remnant. Primarily I am speaking to the Remnant. You are being called this day to choose which way you will walk. By choosing to join the Remnant, you are choosing to join the army of the Lord on earth right now. In this covenant you have made with God, you will find yourself under a stronger anointing and the supernatural covering described in Psalm 91 is where you will now live. As you go into battle, you will be given the courage and strength of David.

Not only will you have the faith to go into battle, you will no longer be fearful when the Lord calls you to pray and give financially when the Lord commands you to. Some of you are being called to give and pray for Paul McGuire Ministries, others are called somewhere else or multiple places. But when you obey that call, you come under the call, anointing favor and blessing of that ministry.


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The mass distribution of microchip implants and the fulfillment of last days prophecy. America splitting up into several regions such as California coming under China. The coming cashless society, one world economic system, chip and much, much more. As DVD's they are great play to your Church groups and to give to friends.

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