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By Paul McGuire (Order MP3 Series Below & Prosper In Chaos )

Dear Friend,

The world is about to be shaken by a series of events that will center on Israel and events in the Middle East. As I write these words there are mass riots in Europe as governments are defaulting on pensions that they owe the people. It is a matter of time until those riots reach the U.S. A mysterious computer virus has penetrated computer systems all over Iran impacting their weapons program. There is a message of hope and warning to be given to the nations.

For believers there is the reality of God’s covering and the blessed hope. But, the masses and even Christians have forgotten God! They have forgotten the lessons of the Communist Revolution and Lenin, Adolph Hitler, and Nazi, Germany, Chairman Mao and Communist China where hundreds of millions of people died.

God’s promises to Israel and to the Church to offer hope to the nations and hope for you and your family. Prior to the Rapture, God promises to supernaturally protect and take care of His people. That includes God’s promises to meet your financial needs as well. David said, “I have never seen the righteous forsaken and His seed begging bread.” Throughout the Psalms we read how God has promised to protect the righteous and deliver them!

It is time to wake up and from being lulled to sleep by sermons that say, “Everything is okay and everything is as it has always been.” Israel is about to strike Iran in order to prevent a Second Holocaust. Winston Churchill tried to warn England that they must defeat Hitler before it was too late. The British laughed at Churchill. When they finally woke up, the Nazi war machine was about to conquer England. The churches in Nazi, Germany empowered Hitler’s rise to power. Here is America believers in Jesus Christ continue to remain silent as their nation

Economic chaos, war, famine, pestilences, and social chaos roar though out the land. However, God is still reaching out His hand to America and other nations! He has given us one last window of opportunity!

By God’s grace, the Lord has positioned us at Paul McGuire Ministries to blow the trumpet and call the people to action on a global level. We are actively preparing to mobilize people around the world to engage in spiritual warfare and proclaim the Gospel.

1. We have produced regular television programs that will be aired worldwide.

2. We are producing radio programs that will be aired in major markets across the U.S. and around the world. In addition, through Podcasting we will make these available for free to anyone who goes to

3. Our Prophecy E Blast is growing larger and larger each day with people getting it in nations around the world. In addition, we have the blog, regular articles and MP3’s. Every day I get an E Mail from someone around the world who has come back to Christ or received Christ because of a message they heard.

4. We are laying the groundwork for an increase in video productions, television show programs, as well as church and conference in meetings.

I am looking for ways to partner with ministries in ministering to soldiers and their families. Our soldiers have a very high suicide rate, but if you help us we can minister to their souls and give them a reason for living.

This year 2010 is crucial. There are decisions and actions being made now that will determine the future of the world. For years I have encouraged Christians to get involved in the political process. This must continue!

There are very powerful people in the highest places of governments and industries all around the world who want implement a radical humanistic revolution. In the last two weeks, President Obama made two important speeches where he deliberately dropped the word “Creator” from our Declaration of Independence and when giving President Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address,” under God.” This is not some slight oversight, but a tipping of the hand of a radical humanistic social revolution that is preparing to strike on a global level with an intensity that will stagger your imagination.

Some of you would say, “But Paul Jesus is coming back!” I share your sentiments, but with an unquenchable Holy Spirit fire that burns in my bones, I must quote our Lord Jesus Christ when He said, “Occupy until I come.”

Now is the time we must occupy as Jesus commanded in a spiritual, not physical war.

We are entering the greatest season of last days the world has ever known. There is a coming shaking that will bring in a massive soul harvest before the Lord returns.

We are in position to reach millions around the world in many languages. Due to new technologies, we can do this at a fraction of the cost through social media, television, radio, podcasting, multiple platforms, websites, and emerging technologies. But, the time has come to strike a blow against the powers of darkness with all of our might and proclaim the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have been seeking the Lord day and night, crying out for wisdom. There is a sense of urgency in my Spirit that I have never known before.

I need you to join me and help me throw the gauntlet down as David did and say, “How dare you defy the armies of the Living God?”

The time has come for you to answer the summons of the Spirit and say, “Paul I am going to join you. I pledge my prayers and support.”

Prayerfully make the decision to become part of what God is doing. That means in addition to your prayers we need financial gifts. Remember God honors your giving according to what you have. Some of you could underwrite our entire television budget?

Let’s face reality. We are at the point of all out spiritual war and we either win or lose everything. God has opened the window of opportunity for us now! We must abandon fear, covetousness, grasping on to our money and throw the full weight of our prayers and funds into battle.

Through the Holy Spirit and technology we can rock this nation and other nations with the power of God. We can achieve victory. But, we must have an army of partners behind us who are consumed with a vision from God and who are fearless.

Any day now a war looms between Israel and Iran over nuclear missiles. Iran is protected by Russia and China. Iran is arming its agents, Hezbollah and Hams, with over 450,000 rockets on the border of Israel. The fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy in Ezekiel 38 which is called the War of God and Magog, where the God of Israel will supernaturally defeat the enemies of Israel and prepare the way for the world government. In addition, this prophecy being fulfilled will ignite the fires of revival and cause millions of people to accept Jesus Christ into their lives before the Tribulation. I believe this is the last days of Harvest that God will reap before His return at the Rapture of the Church.

Everything we do at Paul McGuire Ministries is designed to educate people with the prophetic scriptures around the world so that millions are prepared to receive Christ. Hundreds of thousands of Churches are in position to disciple the millions who are going to come into the kingdom.

In addition we are getting reports from around the world of people who have accepted Jesus Christ after hearing me on TV, radio, hearing an MP3 or reading one of my books. Many believers buy bulk quantities of my books to distribute them to non-believers. By God’s grace we are preparing believers and we get E Mails daily from people all around the world that are turned off by Christianity. At Paul McGuire Ministries are seeing a great harvest of souls.

We need partners who will pray for us and give so we can hold these outreaches. Obviously, any gift is greatly appreciated. However, we need some people to write out some large checks to help us accomplish what God has called us to do. You can make the checks out to Paradise Mountain Church International 501 C 3 Corporation. P.O. Box 220567 Newhall, CA 91322-0567

However, Here at Paul McGuire Ministries we are moving forward in obedience and you have the opportunity to partner with us. For those of you who have discernment, you will be able to see where this is going and why it will work. The most important thing is that God has shown us!

There is a coming separation in the spirit between carnal Christians and the true Remnant. Primarily I am speaking to the Remnant. You are being called this day to choose which way you will walk. By choosing to join the Remnant, you are choosing to join the army of the Lord. In this covenant you have made with God, you will find yourself under a stronger anointing and the supernatural covering described in Psalm 91 is where you will now live. As you go into battle, you will be given the courage and strength of David. Not only will you have the faith to go into battle, you will no longer be fearful when the Lord calls you to pray and give financially when the Lord commands you to.

Your Servant in Christ,

Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire

Check out for a more complete list of speaking engagements.

My new book ,Are You Ready for the Microchip? is now out. Many people are writing us and saying that they cannot put it down and getting multiple copies to reach their friends.

Your Co-Laborer in the Great Commission,

Check out for “McGuire Prophecy Meetings” and conferences in your area. Paradise Mountain Church International is a 501 ( C ) ( 3 ) religious corporation. As such, your gifts are tax deductible if you make your checks out to Paradise Mountain Church International.

You can continue to partner with us in producing radio and television studio programs and holding meetings to reach people for Christ. Make checks payable to Paradise Mountain Church.

I am enclosing my gift to Paul McGuire Ministries in the amount of

____$1,000 ___ $500____$25_____Other

Make your checks payable to Paradise Mountain Church a 501 © religious corporation. Mail To: Paul McGuire Ministries /Paradise Mountain Church International 25876 The Old Road # 136 , Stevenson Ranch CA 91381

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This is what happens when man worships Government rather than God The reality is that for several generations men and women in the U.S. have looked to their investment portfolios, 401K’s, real estate, our military power and our investment technology and modern medicine to save us. But, we find ourselves humbled and needing a real Savior again. God will provide for our needs when we begin to seek His face again and learn how to walk with Him intimately.

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