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Reality and Hope

By Paul McGuire

The Bible say’s “as long as they sought the Lord they continued to prosper.” God promises to give you the power to get wealth even during economic crisis. David said, “I have never seen the righteous and his seed begging bread.” God promises finances, wisdom, provision, jobs and guidance to His people. However there are conditions that need to be met in order to receive God’s blessings. First, we must understand that we are not separate or distinct from society. If God’s people are disobeying His Word than there are going to be consequences that all of us will experience. First, we really need to understand where we are in this nation and where we are going.

Second, there is a direct relationship between the spiritual climate in this nation and our economic and social condition. The American economy will collapse and we will be ruled under Martial Law, if believers don’t stand in the gap, stop playing Church and engage in some serious spiritual warfare. Throughout history when nations have faced economic problems the solution has been to print more money which greatly reduces the buying power or value of every dollar you have. Printing dollars causes inflation which means there are more dollars in circulation for governments to use, but the value of those dollars is reduced. For example, in America you may see the value of your dollar reduced by 50% or more. You will not only have fewer dollars, but the buying power of each dollar will be worth considerably less.

What is happening right now is that trillions of dollars are being taken from the Middle Class and deliberately transferred to Third World nations. The result will be that you and millions of other Americans who were once Middle Class will now live the lifestyle of person who lives in Third World Nation. This plan is being said quite openly by the United Nations and other globalist groups! They are actually saying that the goal is to transfer trillions of dollars of wealth from the Middle Class in many nations around the world. It is a Communist strategy developed by Karl Marx, author of the Communist Manifesto and it is called wealth redistribution. It is also one of the core principles of the United Nations. I go into the history and detail of how this is being done in my book The Day The Dollar Died, which is will help you understand why the dollar is deliberately being destroyed through “Manufactured Crisis.”

Naturally, the elite are reluctant to use the term “wealth redistribution.” Obama actually got caught on camera using the term to Joe the Plumber. I had the opportunity to get to know Joe and his is just an average American working guy who happened to work his tail off, make a little extra money is his plumbing business and the government won’t let him keep it. Communism destroys the incentive to work hard, create and produce and that is why in every Communist Nation the people are poor and suffering. The elite know that when American’s and Middle Class around the world wake up and realize they have been forced to live like Third World Nations, there will be mass riots in the streets.

We see that happening all across Europe right now because the European government cannot afford to pay its workers the pensions they worked their whole lives for. The Corporate controlled Big Brother media is not showing Americans what is really happening in Europe because it is a matter of time until the riots start here. That is why America, the EU and other nations around the world have spent trillions of dollars on developing Police State technology, training our military to fight against our own citizens, building camps, shutting down conservative television, radio and the Internet. In California school kids are being forces to wear jerseys and name tags which are RFID transmitters where they can electronically monitor them. When you enter a story, the store knows who you are because there are RFID tags hidden in your clothing. When you walk into the bank their computers pick up your personal information off of the RFID transmitters imbedded in your credit cards.

In India, all citizens are being forced to accept a microchip or biochip implant. The Bilderberg Group has ordered microchip implants for all Americans and it is in the Health Care Bill. You can read the information that is being hidden from you by the media in my book “Are You Ready for the Microchip Implant?” There are a growing number of people around the world who are starting to understand that the economic and politic problems being generated by an invisible elite who have long wanted to establish a World Communist Government.

International Bankers from Europe and the U.S. not only financed Adolph Hitler and the Communist Revolution in Russia. But, they were working hard to use the Federal Reserve and create a depression to establish a dictatorship in America. The German people’s money was in a state of hyper-inflation where you had to bring a wheel barrel of money to buy a loaf of bread at the store. America is following very closely Germany’s path to dictatorship. Let’s look at the similarities: Germany’s money was in hyper-inflation and there economy was starting to collapse. Germany’s churches and seminaries stopped preaching the Gospel and God’s Word and they began to preach unbelief and humanism.

The Church in Germany was weak and powerless. The people began to look for a strong leader and government to solve their problems even if it meant losing all their freedoms. The people became immoral and rejected the true God. Almost over night, Germany was ruled by a dictator deeply involved in the occult. With his Gestapo and SS troops you could hear a knock at the door. You could be taken to a Concentration Camp or shot on the spot. Often when you arrived at a Camp you were killed. There was no discussion or freedom of the press or religion. If you did not follow the program you were killed.

Hitler instantly began to nationalize the industries and banks. The Third Reich owned all industry and financial institution. Immediately after coming into power, Hitler created his T4 Health Care Program. If you were to old, if your sickness was expensive, if you were mentally ill than you were euthanized or killed. This saved billions of German dollars. Eventually, Health Care became an instrument for a Master Race. Through Eugenics the Germans began to breed a Master Race which consisted of Northern Europeans from specific nations. If you were not of that race than you were sterilized and if you were Jewish of some other nationality you were killed in the Concentration Camps. The Jews were in total denial of what was happening even while millions of Jews were killed and Jews that escaped the camps came back to warn them. They insisted “It can’t happen here.” When they walked right up to the door to the rooms they were going to be killed in they convinced themselves they just getting a shower.

America is on the same path of destruction. Christians who do not believe that are in denial and they will end up where the Jews went. The prosperity teaching that has been taught in America is in many cases not Biblical. God prospers those people who are doing His will and walking in a relationship with Him. The blessing of God is not on the self-indulgent. Christians in America and many parts of the world are being caught up in the financial chaos because of one word –DISOBEDIENCE. Christians in America were warned over and over again about what was coming.

They chose over and over again to ignore God’s warnings and worship the gods of Personal, Peace and Prosperity. To this very day they play church instead of getting real with God. Like the ancient Israelites they rejected men and women God sent to instruct them and warn them in favor of teachers who would “tickle their ears.”

In our ministry, we have spoken truth, warned the people, given them an action plan ministered hope for over 30 years. In many cases I have been attacked for speaking the truth. I have been called all kinds of things and persecuted by Bible believing and Spirit-filled Christians because I dared to break rank and speak the truth in love. Most of the things I have warned about have now come true or on their way of coming true. Many of the things I said in the past are now being said by world renowned economists, Prime Ministers and Presidents. Talk of one world government and a one world economic system is now in talked about in the mainstream media all over the world, except for America. I have repeatedly warned Christians that they are going to lose their rights. They have lost most of them. Now Christian colleges must be licensed and soon pastors will be arrested.

Here is what we can expect in the near future. I believe that God is going to Rapture His Church before the Tribulation. The question is what are we going to do before the Tribulation. I believe with all my heart that God wants to protect, provide and bless His people and you! If we will obey God even in chaos, God promises to provide for His people, protect them, lead them and God guide in such practical areas as jobs, retirement, finances, medical treatment, education and blessing. The believer who is truly seeking God will receive guidance and prosperity that the lukewarm believer will not. The Bible say’s, “As long as they sought the Lord thy continued to prosper.” That means we are to learn how to walk with God and truly seek Him. It means worshipping Him, praying and renewing our minds with His Word. When we are seeking the Lord we can expect supernatural protection and provision! However, most people who teach on this subject leave some very important things out. If God’s people are disobeying His laws and they are apathetic about the evil forces that are consuming their nation. Then the law of sowing and reaping comes into play. “As ye sow, so shall you reap.”

God’s people have chosen to ignore the growth of powers of darkness in this nation after repeated warnings from the Lord. Through disobedience they have opened the door to destruction and captivity. That means to one degree or another everyone will be affected! God is not going to place you inside a little bubble where you will float above the problems. God will be with you, but you will be affected. In Deuteronomy 28 we have God dealing with the Jews in the Mosaic Covenant. Although, that Covenant was specifically given to the Jews, I believe some of its principles can be transferable to believers. God very clearly explains that if His people worship Him and not idols and are diligent to obey His Word. He would bless them economically, socially, militarily, their families and their whole society. God goes into great detail explaining the economic aspects of the blessing. Conversely, if God’s people disobey Him and break His laws a curse will come on the land. Here God is very specific about the economic nature of the curse. We cannot not expect God’s economic blessing if half of the people are breaking His laws.

God is not happy with the way America and other nations have gone. He is not indifferent to the grotesque evil we have allowed to flower in our land. Many Christians do not want to here this today, but judgment begins in the house of God. Why? Because the reality is that through our disobedience much of what has happened, we the Church are responsible for. We have not been the salt and light, and on a cultural and political level we have not occupied until He comes. America and much of the Church in much of the Western world has become the Laodecian Church. We are blinded spiritually, and yet Jesus Christ wants to anoint our eyes with eye salve so we may see again.

If we stay on the present course, play church and if we not make some very radical changes, than great judgment awaits us. We could lose our freedoms overnight, go under Martial Law, sent to camps and horrible suffering would occur. If an economic collapse or terrorist attacked occurred, everything is in place to put our nation under the rule of Martial Law, which means dictatorship. That is not a paranoid statement; this is a realistic assessment of where we are based on the opinions in the very highest level of the military and Constitutional attorney’s. By God’s grace we are hanging by a thread. God does not want this.

God wants to send powerful last days’ revival and harvest. God wants to pour out financial blessing and blessings of every kind on you and the nation. He wants to prosper you, guide you and give you and your children a future worth living in. But, unless the people of God get completely real with God, stop playing Church and seek the Lord with all their hearts, our nation is going to collapse and God’s people will go into captivity. We have a very brief window of opportunity. The time is now to seek the Lord with all our hearts.

The time is now to repent before God. The time is now to engage in spiritual warfare for our nation. We must cry out for revival like Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield did. Our hearts must set on fire and we must be consumed with the things of God. If we do this God will pour out His Spirit on the land. The political landscape will change, the economy will begin to recover and the powers of darkness will be driven back. No the world will not be Christian, but God’s people will assume their rightful positions and occupy the land. You must be seized with a sense of divine urgency!

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