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By Paul McGuire

We are in the middle of scientific revolution that is starting to produced enhanced human beings through interspecies breeding, DNA manipulation, the merging of man, animal, computer and Nehalem DNA. In Genesis 6 we read how the fallen angels were attracted to human women and married them which produced interspecies children that were called the Nephilim or the giants of old. It appears that when God judged the world with a flood the tipping point was the interspecies breeding of demon and human women. It is true God was sorry for what He created and that the earth was filled with wickedness and violence. But, the genetic breeding of fallen angel and human women producing the Nephilim appears to be where man crossed the line and the judgment of God fell.

It is interesting to note that when God rescued his family male and female and brought on the Ark a male and female of ever species, that there were genetic reasons for this. Human DNA became polluted as demons matted with human women and their appeared to be a corruption in the genetics of every species. Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the coming of the Son of Man. Yes, there earth is now filled with violence and wickedness, but the tipping point appears to be the interspecies or transhumant breeding in secret laboratories around world.

Many people ask me how I get my research. First, I pour over hundreds of government, scientific, historical and other documents. But, secondly I am led by the Holy Spirit to research into certain area and sometimes the Lord shows me things. About a year ago, on YouTube which you can see here I was talking about secret laboratories cloning and transhumant experimentation. I began talking about it, when as I was recording the Lord revealed to me in the Spirit very powerfully that there were secret laboratories around the world. He revealed it to me as I was speaking into the camera and it was like I could see into these laboratories around the world. I was caught by surprise what the Lord revealed to me as I was talking. Now about a year later, I have uncovered enormous research into transhumanism and the attempt to build super humans in laboratories around the world. The Lord is substantiating to me what He revealed to me first supernaturally. This happens and I never discuss openly. In fact, this is the first time I have publicly discussed it.

The point is that if we are renewing our minds with God’s Word and are walking with Him, He will reveal things to us supernaturally in the Spirit that we could not know intellectually. Again, I never discuss this openly and probably will not again.
However, this is a going to produce a scientific revolution of epic proportions across our planet. The U.S. military and armies around the world are breeding a new race of genetically enhanced of Cyborg-super soldier. These soldiers along with helmets that transmit EMF waves can keep soldiers up for days, eradicate PTSD, produce cognitive enhancement and kill severe pain. If a soldier was to get severely wounded in battle the EMF wave emitted from a special helmet could kill the pain enable them to survive. In addition, armies around the world are breeding super soldiers.

Chances are you and your children will live in world with cloned human beings, genetically enhanced people and they will have to compete with them. People are always asking for documentation. Below are some scientific studies that support what we have been studying.

New US National Intelligence Council & EU Institute For Security Studies Report cognitive enhancement (download pdf)

Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
by B NANOTECHNOLOGY - Related articles

Protecting the Endangered Human [PDF]

In addition, we have the speculation that the Pentagon is involved trying to resurrect the Nephilim that may have been frozen in caves in Antarctica and other mountainous regions. There are rumors of Pentagon and alien communication along with sharing of technology. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. However, it is a possibility that visitors from another planet either real or part of a manufactured crisis, could be used to mobilize the earth rapid escalation of UFO sightings, credible testimonies from astronauts and military personnel who claim to have seen UFO’s. Both the Vatican and the UN have assigned Ambassadors to greet these aliens.

If there are aliens, I would put them into the category of fallen angels and demons. The Bible talks about increased demonic activity, false signs and wonders and apostasy into accepting a World Communist Government. In recent years we have seen a he last days. Could the aliens be part of great last day’s deception pulling people away from God and explaining away the rapture? Very possibly. Listen to these MP3 downloads and learn what you can about this important subject.

The Power to Get Wealth in Chaos Part 7 – America 3 Futures – Alien Disclosure Event A Crisis That Will Bring World Communist Government.

The goal of the elite in our world has been for over a century, a one world communist government. They know that the Middle Class around the world are not going to willingly give up their freedoms and their hard earned wealth to join a one world communist government. Therefore crisis must be used to transition them into acceptance. The primary strategy has been manufactured crisis, such as the Great Depression and the current global economic crisis. Economic collapse, a nuclear terrorist attack and even something more powerful is needed to cause the global Middle Class to give up their freedom and their money in order to live under a global totalitarian state.

It is possible that a general announcement from the major governments of the world stating that we are being attacked by aliens, or that aliens are already here demanding we surrender our nuclear weapons and join a World Communist Government, could be in the near the near future. The aliens could be real, as in the case of Fallen Angels coming in from another dimension, the Nephilim, or brainwashing the masses into believing there are aliens. Either case would produce the same results. For years we have been indoctrinated by movies like Independence Day, Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 and Hell Boy 3, which deal with themes of the world uniting to fight a common enemy. This enemy could be global cataclysm, global warming, aliens, asteroids and Nephilim-like creatures. We are being brainwashed to accept world government as the answer. That is why in Europe Obama called himself, a citizen of the world and that is what most students have been indoctrinated to believe.

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The Power to Get Wealth in Chaos Part 6 – The 3 Futures of America

In this prophetic analysis, I share what I believe are the 3 possible scenarios for future of America. The third scenario is the future I believe is the one God desires for His people, which would give you and your children a hope for the future before the return of the Lord.

On every level, America and many nations in the world are following in the footsteps of Nazi, Germany which had a financial crisis, hyperinflation and social chaos. The Christians did not follow or trust in God. They looked for government to be their answer. A demon possessed leader named Hitler came on the scene and the people did not seek the Lord. Satan’s leader held them in their grip and then the nightmare began. This is what the Church is doing in America. They are not entering spiritual warfare and they will be deceived. The Jews said, “It can’t happen here.” But, that is what most Evangelical Christians are saying in America today.

The spiritual armies of God must respond to the call of the Holy Spirit now and begin to enter into spiritual warfare, contending for the nation and nations and crying out to God for revival! The Remnant must immediately launch a counter offensive in the invisible realm and “stop playing Church.” God is giving us one last brief window of opportunity.

Your financial blessings, your children’s future, retirement, Social Security and the government plan to take over our 401 K’s and pensions, along with inflation is going to hurt us unless we seek the face of God. Their plan of a Word Communist State that was started 100 years ago is starting to materialize before our eyes. They are going to use environmentalism to transfer the wealth to Third World nations and destroy the Middle Class in America, so there is just the elite and Third World nation. This is happening now. It is aggressive and well planned! The Church is asleep and is time now to wake up, peacefully and legally in the power of the Lord!
I believe the Holy Spirit is blowing the shofar.

The Remnant of true believers are being called into spiritual battle as never before. I do not believe God wants the cataclysmic tragedy and evil that is at the door! I hear the summons of the Spirit and the call of on our lives. He is asking Him to seek Him with all our heart, repent and cry out to God for a Biblical revival and a last day’s soul harvest. America was perishing in its founding days and faithful ministers like Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield were used by God to ignite the torches and revival that would allow a Great Awakening. The purpose of God in prospering His people is so that they can have the resources to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and win souls throughout the world.

America through all the “social technology” is uniquely positioned to do this. However, the reality is that when God blessed America in the past, the Church began to worship the gods of Personal, Peace and Prosperity. We became more interested in acquiring things and materialism than we were about the things of God. Any prosperity which excludes the going into all the world and preaching the Gospel and obeying the Word of God is an idolatrous prosperity! Our hearts must be right when we ask God to supply our needs. Let us never forget that when times were good, many Christians did not prioritize the things of God.

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Could certain governments of the world have been in contact with aliens who are really fallen angels? There seems to be an intentional increase in mass media attention to the subject of aliens and UFOs.

There is an emphasis from the scientific elite on eugenics, population reduction, globalism, the destruction of the family and an attack on Christianity. Have the Nephilim returned? Some speculate that they were hidden deep beneath mountains where they existed in a frozen state and scientists are attempting to revive the. Could all the UFOs be fallen angels using technology? Today scientists are merging human and animal DNA. But, what if biotechnology was guiding the interbreeding and what if the seed of the Nephilim were involved? Rockefeller, the Bilderberg Group and others may have information about this. Should we be surprised if one day the world leaders announce that he aliens are here?
Listen to the Angelic Warfare, DNA, ALIENS, UFO’s and CHIPS series starting with Part 1 by Paul McGuire.

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Listen to the Angelic Warfare, DNA, ALIENS, UFO’s and CHIPS series starting with Part 2 by Paul McGuire.

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Listen to the Angelic Warfare, DNA, ALIENS, UFO’s and CHIPS series starting with Part 3 by Paul McGuire.

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