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By Paul McGuire

I have been seeking the Lord for a long time, asking Him to give me wisdom for you, your family and God’s people in the coming days ahead. The Lord has deeply impressed upon my heart to communicate with you this information in order to prepare you and equip you for what is about to happen before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” This vital intelligence information is to equip you to go on the offense, fulfill the Great Commission and occupy until He comes.

God has a promised to take care of those people that are faithfully serving Him until the Lord returns. The Bible is filled with accounts of how God took care of and delivered His people in times of great adversity. Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Daniel and Paul are just a few examples. However, do not be deceived there are many who are following false prophets who are saying everything is okay and teaching false doctrine. These people will not be prepared and they will be caught off guard when sudden destruction comes. Many of you are straddling the fence and ignoring the call of the Holy Spirit to forsake false teachers. You cannot be the person God has called you to be or fulfill the mission God has called you to fulfill when you are being fed a diet of spiritual lies. Jesus Christ said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

One catastrophe, cataclysmic event, earthquake, economic collapse, terrorist attack, nuclear attack, crisis, natural disaster, Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon, disease epidemic and even an announcement concerning extraterrestrial life would cause mass chaos. In order to restore the chaos the President, either Republican or Democratic, would have to use an Executive Order to declare Martial Law. Life in America and the nations of the world would change radically overnight.

For years the U.S. government and governments around the world have been preparing for such an event. They have a plan that would give absolute power to the President. America would become a Police State overnight. That would mean military troops controlling every aspect of life and no more Constitutional rights. People could be seized in the middle of the night and taken to massive concentration camps that have already been built by FEMA across the United States. If you doubt my words, than you need to read my books The Day The Dollar Died and Are You Ready for the Microchip? I have personally spoken to some of the highest military leaders in our nation. Unless the Lord intervenes, and I pray that He does, you would have no trial or right to appeal. You would literally disappear without your family knowing where you are. Tragically, many of you are consulting leaders and friends for guidance who are completely clueless as to what is going on. The blind leading the blind!

If a secretive elite have been planning a complete takeover of the system, than what are the plans of God’s people. If they do not immediately develop the kinds of plans contained in this DVD set, they are going to go into captivity. This is not the will of the Lord. Failure to repent of apathy and playing church could lead to the following:

You could be arrested for any reason and sent to a camp without a trial. In short, the United States and other nations would become a dictatorship. This is not some far off event. It could happen tomorrow morning. In a second all the media would be taken over by the government which would explain the reason for the change and notify you that America is now under Martial Law. All of the Executive Orders have been put into place by a series of Presidents from both parties. The President of the United States already has the legal authority to seize control of the media, industry, military and every facet of American life.

You would be prohibited from going to a home group meeting, evangelizing and going to a Bible believing Church. Pastors who teach the Bible would be arrested and sent to jail. Eventually, just like in Communist China there will be State approved churches that you will be allowed to go to. The doctrine and teaching of these false churches will be so diluted that there will be little or no Biblical content. We already have growing church movements in America which are already teaching a State approved doctrine. This is the apostasy the Apostle Paul warned about. The teaching and preaching is so weak theologically that these churches would be welcome in Nazi, Germany, Communist China and other dictatorships around the world. The American Church, except for the Remnant, is in the exact same place spiritually as the Evangelical Church was in Nazi, Germany.

Is this the plan of God for His people the Remnant” I have been seeking the Lord about this for a long time and I am convinced that this is not the will of God for His people. God is waiting for His people to “stop playing church” and begin to cry out to God for revival and a Great Awakening. What we are talking about is a peaceful and law abiding spiritual revolution.

The question is what can we do to stop this from happening? Can we do anything to stop it? How can crying out to God, spiritual warfare, revival, evangelism and a Great Awakening prevent this from happening? What is your responsibility?

Finally, what can you do now in terms of being pro-active rather than reactive? What do you need to learn in terms of preparedness, finances, food and protection that can protect you and your family? How can you find the mind of Christ and not develop a retreat mentality, but an advance mentality. What if God’s plan for His people was not to hide in the land, but take the land? Like Joshua and Caleb.

The Lord has impressed on my heart a plan of victory for God’s people and I have shared it in my “AMERICAN DICTATORSHIP THE COMING EVENT THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING WITH PAUL McGUIRE” 3 DVD Package which you can pre-order now.

In this 3 DVD package featuring Paul McGuire on each DVD you will receive the following:



This DVD will teach you from the Bible how to engage in high level spiritual warfare against the principalities and powers that are attempting to take over America and other nations in the world. It will show you in a new how intercessory prayer, fasting, worship and gathering with others can change the destiny of this nation and other nations in the world. True prayer ignites the fires of revival in our land which will burst into a Third Great Awakening and a massive last day’s harvest of souls.


This not a survivalist message, although it contains practicals on survival. This is an overcomers message. The primary emphasis on this teaching is based on the principles of revival, a Third Great Awakening and evangelism that will bring in a massive last days harvest of souls. Jesus Christ is coming soon and we must be in a position to bring a massive harvest of souls.

This not about developing a “bunker mentality!” This is about Christians impacting and changing the system, by using Biblical principles and having a Biblical world view. This is not about Christians hiding in caves or waiting on some mountain for Jesus to return. It is about obeying Jesus Christ’s mandate to occupy until I come.” This is not to be understood in militaristic sense, but in a spiritual sense.

You must have a life plan and a financial plan is that is Biblically based. The Lord wants to give His people vision and that vision includes influencing the major power centers of society.

From a financial perspective, if you’re financial planner or investment advisors do not understand what the IMF, Federal Reserve and world currency plan is all about, than how can they advise you. The Federal Reserve is printing more money from nothing to pay off the debt. This will cause hyper inflation and the devaluing of your dollar. In addition, if the Fed uses the IMF strategy that was used in Europe, you will find your dollars devalued, your pensions and retirement plans raided (redistributing the wealth) and your standard of living going way down. If your financial advisor does not understand why the Fed is doing what it is doing, the plan for world currency and the U.N plan to destroy the Middle Class, than how can they advise you? God’s people must have a plan to counter the plans of the forces of darkness.

This is not a fear-based teaching. This about how God wants to use you for such a time as this. He did not call His people to retreat, but overcome! Remember the old politically incorrect hymn that most churches would not dare to sing. “Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war…” The idea was that as Christians we are in a spiritual war and we are to think of ourselves as spiritual warriors. This is not meant in the sense of physical warfare or violence. We are not talking about some form of a Christian jihad. We are talking about this in the sense of revival and a Third Great Awakening.

The 3 DVD package features Paul McGuire on each DVD. This new 3 DVD package is different than CD's we offer with similar titles. This contains brand new information in DVD format.




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