Monday, September 23, 2013

Illuminati After Your Kids Paul McGuire


Paul McGuire - It is my privilege to be a guest again on Hagmann and Hagmann this Wed, Sept 25, 2013 - I will be discussing some very intense prophetic information along with major world events!  But, I will also be talking about the supernatural power of God throughout human history and how at the end of the age the power of God can be released in a nation and world.  I will be comparing the dunamis power with Tesla, Scalar technology and multi-dimensional "apps" downloaded before time can be activated in real-space-time-history. This multi-dimensional power from on high is designed to be used in connection with Stargates and portals that were opened in Pre-Flood civilizations surrounding Mount Hermon in Phoenicia, the Tower of Babel - "the gate of god" and the Stargates that have recently been opened on both the microcosmic level of DNA and macrocosmic level.  The decision to activate the atomic bomb was made at the Bohemian Grove with Oppenheimer and others and utilized in 1947.  Israel was re-formed in 1947-1948. Roswell 1947.  The Illuminati have opened cosmic portals in connection with territorial beings over the Middle East such as the Prince of Persia and the Prince of Greece.  However, the new and living way doorway with access to the Lamb upon the Throne, that portal was opened over 2,000 years ago and remains open to those who can activate the "apps" known as the Keys of the Kingdom.  Power from on high released with overwhelming force dismantles 11 dimensional strongholds and what are known as the gates of hell.   Joshua marched before the stronghold of Jericho that was occupied by Nephilim.  The spiritual warriors were preceded by musicians.  The music and worship called the walls or strongholds of Jericho to fall down.  String Theory suggests that the universe is composed by vibrating strings. The preparation of Joshua and his spiritual armies preceded the release of supernatural power.  As with David, the music of the shepherd preceded the release of power that destroyed the Nephilim giant Goliath.   David was surrounded by powerless religious warriors.  Paul worshipped in the stronghold/ jail/prison which released an earthquake and opened the dimensional prison doors.  That “app” is downloaded and ready to be activated.  But, in cannot be activated in a dead church.

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