Thursday, September 5, 2013


By Paul McGuire

Only a blind person could not see that the world is teetering on the edge of World War III and thermonuclear war.  The conflict in Syria is a symptom of the greater conflict between the U.S. and Russia.  The reality is that the U.S. dollar is declining in value at a rapid pace.  Although, a significant percentage of the Middle Class in America and tragically the larger percentage of those who call themselves, “Bible believing” or “Evangelical Christians,” are unable to see that their nation is being transformed into authoritarian state.  As my mentor, the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer said, “An authoritarian state, either from the right or the left will rise to manage the chaos.”
Given the present geopolitical climate there is the high potential that America could be hit by a nuclear weapon in one city or multiple cities at the same time.  I wrote about this extensively in my books, “The Warning,” Are You Ready? and I go into this in prophetic detail, in my soon to be released book, “A Prophecy of the Future of America,” which you can still pre-order now.  After a considerable amount of time doing research and seeking the Lord about where is America in prophecy?  I believe the Lord led me to write this book which contains a very strong message for America and the world.
America is being warned by nations like China that any U.S. attack on Syria will hurt the global economy.  A senior Chinese official, backing Russia in opposing a U.S.-led military strike said, "It will definitely have a negative impact on the world economy," said Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao, speaking ahead of the Group of 20 summit here.  Zhu said estimates from the International Monetary Fund indicate that a military strike would lead to a $10 jump in the price of a barrel of oil, which in turn would cut global economic growth by 0.25%.
According to the Russian media, China’s People’s Liberation Army dispatched the Jinggangshan amphibious dock landing ship and the vessel was seen passing through the Red Sea towards the Suez Canal, the waterway in Egypt that leads to the Mediterranean Sea and waters off the coast of Israel, Lebanon and Syria.  China has sent other warships to that region as a show of force!

These are clear warning signals that the U.S. would not just be engaging Syria, but two of the most powerful military forces on the globe, Russia and China.

As I write you these words, I carry with me a deep burden for America, the church and how this will impact people in every nation.  This burden from the Lord stays with me 24/7 and I am often awakened in the middle of the night to cry out to God, interceding for this nation.  The reality is that America is about to enter a period of indescribable horror and these are horrors that could unfold before the wrath of God is poured out, during the seven year Tribulation Period.  I am not saying the church will go through the Tribulation Period, but I am saying that without genuine repentance, the church in America is about to face the judgment of God.

I want to be very precise with my words.  I believe that the Bible gives us God’s end time prophetic program.  No one can alter God’s end time prophetic program!  I am not suggesting in any way that it is possible to change what God has decreed in His Word.  God’s Word is our final authority in all things!  Throughout the Bible, God deals with both nations and people as an individual.  In many cases, not all, God hears the prayers of true repentance from His people and either delays or ceases His plan for judgment upon a nation or people.  When Abraham was talking to God about the judgment coming upon Sodom, God determined that He could not find enough righteous people to stop His judgment.  In other cases throughout the Bible, God has canceled out or delayed judgment, if His righteous conditions are met.

God’s hand is still upon America, but it is lifting.  None of us know how much time we have left, but time is running out for America.  I believe God is giving us one last opportunity to repent and change our ways.  However, God is not waiting for the people that do not know Him to repent!  The Word says, “Judgment begins in the house of the Lord.”  That means when God judges a nation, He begins with the church.

God has given the church in America the Keys of the Kingdom.  If individual Christians and the church truly repent in sufficient numbers, I believe the Lord will delay judgment and give America more time to fulfill God’s original plan for America which is to preach the Gospel, make disciples of all nations and occupy until Jesus Christ comes!  The reason God has prospered America and the reason God gave America the right to “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Religion,” was so that the church could fulfill the Great Commission.  Tragically, a large percentage of the church in America has become apostate and has rebelled from the Word of God.  The result is that God is now taking away the prosperity and rights we once had.  There is a direct correlation between the two.

The reason we have not seen the revival, restoration and a Great Awakening that we have been praying for, is because the church has not met God’s righteous requirements.  This following acts of repentance must happen immediately to postpone judgment and to see whatever degree of restoration the Lord will grant us.

1.  Individual Christians and the church must be ruthlessly honest before a Holy God and admit our collective sin of “playing church,” rather than truly repenting before God.

2. The “Evangelical Church” must admit before God that it has allowed false prophets, false teachers and false teaching to fill the house of God from coast to cost.  There must be specific repentance of this sin and there must be immediate action to no longer allow false teachers, false prophets and false teaching in the House of the Lord.  We have sinned and offended God.

3. We must now come before God individually and collectively in our churches and confess our personal sins and our collective sins.  We must truly repent!  We must cry out to God with all our hearts for mercy.  We must weep before the altar of God.  If our sanctuaries are not filled with the sound weeping, crying and sobbing, then our hearts are still hard!  Our pastors must lead the way into this deeper repentance, or the people of God must stop following them.

4. The hour is urgent and our church services and worship services should reflect the sobriety of the hour.  Our pastoral leadership, elders and the people must confess the primary sin, which is we have rejected the Word of God and His laws for the humanistic teachings of man and New Age mysticism.  All across America pastors and teachers no longer teach from the inspired and inerrant Word of God, but they teach a false gospel of psychological-motivation, humanism and mysticism.  We have sinned before God by rejecting His Word and following false teaching.  We must repent and must immediately stop this sin before God.  If we say this is not a sin before our Holy God and attempt to justify it before the Lord, we will suffer the judgment of God.  This is unacceptable worship!

5.  As individual Christians and as the church we must fall on our faces before God and confess that we are filled with pride, carnality, immorality and idolatry.  God is merciful and He will cleanse us of all sin, if we truly ask Him to.

6. We must cry out to God in humility and confess that our nation is perishing because of our sin, the sin of the church!  The sin in society, politics and entertainment is simply a reflection of the sin in the church.  We must humble our selves before God and call on the name of Jesus Christ to purify us with His Word and to set us aflame with the power of the Holy Spirit.  We cannot win a spiritual war in the power of the flesh.  That was the sin of Saul and David was able to conquer Goliath because He was anointed with the Spirit of God.  Apart from God we can do nothing.  We must ask God, believing that after we have allowed Him to sanctify us; He will set us on fire with the power of God.

7. As we cry out to God to send us His power, we must vigilantly guard ourselves from the silliness, clown-like behavior, strange noises and actions which are counterfeits of the power of God!  As we cry out to God for His deliverance and strength, we must be prepared to receive it when it comes.  There will be a sense of divine holiness like we have never known before.  None us will doubt that we have been transformed by the glory of the Living God and we will rise in the power of the Spirit.  As we rise in worship and respect to which we call our Lord, we will rise like the tide of vast oceans.  The land will shake and tremble and with the knowledge that the Lord of Hosts has come again into this land and all His purposes will be fulfilled.

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