Tuesday, October 22, 2013



By Paul McGuire

Troy Anderson, a highly respected journalist recently wrote an article for WND entitled, BILLY GRAHAM SOUNDS ALARM FOR 2ND COMING.  I encourage you to read the article at the link I have included and spread it around to your friends!  It is my hope that the words of Billy Graham will stir your hearts to reach the lost for Jesus Christ and to take a stand for righteousness in the practical areas of life.  America is like the ship the Titanic right now and it has already hit an iceberg and is sinking!

What would you do if you were on the Titanic?  I am sure you would do everything you could to make sure children and other people could get on boats.  But, given the gravity of the situation, you would probably also share your faith in Jesus Christ because it is only in Christ that there is the hope of eternal life!

No matter what nation you are living in, due to the Signs of the Times that Jesus Christ warned us about, you are on a sinking ship.  I believe there are two things that we can do at this time. 

First, we must pray for a genuine Biblical revival and that out of this Biblical revival souls would be saved.  I do not want to lay a guilt trip on you, but all the statistics say that most believers in Jesus Christ never share their faith to anyone during an average year and many do not share their faith over their entire lives.  Yet, the Bible teaches us, “He (or she) who wins souls is wise.”  The Bible teaches us that there is a reward for soul-winning! 

Our nation and world would be radically transformed if every believer in Jesus Christ won just one soul to Christ during this upcoming year!  It is not my intention to manipulate you through guilt.  Most people do not share their faith in Christ because of fear and they do not feel qualified or worthy.  I am going to share a teaching on this which I believe will radically change your life in this area!  The great secret to soul winning is that it is not up to you!  You simply pray and trust God and He will show you who to share your faith with and how.  The burden is not on you!  You can’t save anyone and neither can I.  But, if we will commit our way to the Lord in this area, we will see God’s miraculous power at work in our lives and you will see people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Not based on your ability, but His power working through you!

Secondly, although America or your nation may seem like the Titanic right now, only God knows the future!  Jesus Christ commanded us to “Occupy until I come.”  That means we become informed and stand up for the things of God in our communities and nation.  The reason America and many of the nations in the world are falling apart right now is because there is no one standing up for the things of God.  In addition, many of the churches are simply “hiding out” and playing church while our nation goes to hell!  Part of the reason for that is a lack of Biblical education. 

Knowledge is power and when God’s people have the wisdom of God, they become a powerful force for in good in any nation.  The only way to get this wisdom is through believing and studying all of God’s Word.  God wants to give His people knowledge, wisdom and a strategy for their lives, but also for the life of the nation!  But, the Bible also says, “My people perish for lack of wisdom, vision and knowledge! “  You cannot go to a church which does not teach and preach the Word and expect to have wisdom!   If you don’t personally read or study the Word, you cannot have wisdom.

Tragically, many of God’s people in America have rejected God’s Word and have chosen to listen to false prophets and false teachers who are leading them into destruction.  The only reason God’s people cannot see the fact that they are being led down the path toward destruction is because they do not have any spiritual discernment which comes from reading the full Word of God!  Nowhere in the Bible does it say that America must sink like the Titanic!  However, unless there is an immediate change in direction, we are going to perish and lose our freedoms.  The purpose of Paul McGuire Ministries is to communicate these truths to as many people as fast as we can, while there is still time!

The reason I wrote my new book, “A Prophecy of the Future of America” is to explain to people exactly what is happening to America and why.   In “A Prophecy of the Future of America” I show very clearly what is soon going to happen in America.  But, I also offer a very real hope of what I believe what God wants to do, if His people will change direction.  Every day I hear ministers and Christians talk on the radio and in other areas.  To be blunt, they are clueless!  They have not even made a minimal effort to understand what is going on and why.  Let me give you just one simple example, I hear Christian leaders and Christians keep using the word “social justice.” 

They don’t know what they are talking about because they are uneducated and lack knowledge.  The term “social justice” was invented by the revolutionary Communist movement as a means to completely destroy the power of the church in a nation and to destroy Christianity!   Yet, we have countless Christian ministers, politicians and ordinary Christians embracing an idea whose primary purpose is to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ, under the masquerade of doing something good.  I explain in my book how secret elite is using the “social justice” movement to bring about an antichrist World Socialist State.

God has given us one last brief window of opportunity and that window is closing quickly.  We are doing everything we can to reach people for Jesus Christ on every level and we can do that with your help, prayers and support.  Remember, “All things are possible with God.”

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