Thursday, October 3, 2013


Paul McGuire - Struggling to get an answer to your problems?  Get seem to come up with a plan that works? Experience a divine download and get a God idea.He has an infinite and you have a finite mind.  Plus he as "apps" He has downloaded into you before the beginning of time, but you have to activate them!

It is amazing how many people keep struggling to come up with a plan that will work.  Maybe a business plan, creative venture, solve a relationship problem, find ways to increase their income, help effectively change our nation in a positive direction, a heal challenge, etc.  The list of the problems we face is endless.  But, we have finite and limited minds.  I use contemporary terms to speak to the culture of today and in ways people can relate to.  I just want to tell you that I know for a fact that it is possible to experience a DIVINE DOWNLOAD - I have a new book  due out soon on this.  If you listen to this video and simply follow the instructions you can receive a DIVINE DOWNLOAD and get a GOD IDEA right now!

This video is not produced for "religious" people, it is produced for anyone who needs a God idea!  The bottom line is this, God knew you before the beginning of time and downloaded into you certain "apps," but you have to activate those "apps," before they will work.  You can activate those "apps" right now by watching this video and following the simple instructions.  In addition, now matter what solution or answer you need, you can access it right now!

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For more free info and articles  Also, I have a Blog, a free Paul McGuire Prophetic E Blast you can sign up for and a Youtube channel where you can watch around 200 videos - just join the Youtube channel!  Let me know when you get the God idea and how.  What you share could change someone's life today!

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