Sunday, January 5, 2014

America at Crossroads Paul McGuire

From Paul McGuire:  Apologies on the noise -  I bought a new microphone which was supposed to bock out the noise and it came with ear plugs.  Obviously, the mic is going to go n the garbage and I will get another one to fix the noise problem,  If I went with a wireless mic it would have been worse if anyone has tech knowledge and has a suggestion I am open.  In the spur of the moment I bought a camera before I flew from LAX and then bought the "improved: mic in Times Square so with total jet lag and no sleep I went to the streets from the hotel with my darling wife shooting the camera.  As for the noises I apologize, we have had this problem before in Manhattan it is VERY noisy.  As for the sensory overload my apologies, I live in a permanent state of sensory overload and heavenly download.  Can you imagine an MRI with the my neurological pathways lit up like a Christmas tree 24/7 firing enzymes into my DNA which turns on the bio-photons which lights you up along with a triple espresso from Starbucks and lack of REM sleep.

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