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By Paul McGuire

Best-selling author of 23 books, a frequent commentator on Fox News, CNN and the subject of 2-history channel specials on "Countdown to the Apocalypse" and "Seven Signs of the Apocalypse," Paul McGuire  reaches one million people per month with his message of the Convergence and Acceleration.  Paul McGuire is nationally syndicated radio talk show host and a feature film producer who has produced two science fiction films in Hollywood.  Paul's work has been praised from people like film director Oliver Stone to Prime Ministers and Presidents.  Paul is an internationally recognized expert on Bible prophecy and is a Professor of Eschatology at the Kings College.  Paul grew up as an atheist in New York City, demonstrated and "hung out" with the radical activist Abbie Hoffman, Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey at age 15 years old in  Manhattan.  Paul majored in the brand new field of "Altered States of Consciousness" and film production at the University of Missouri.   Paul McGuire was deeply involved in Eastern mysticism, psychedelic drugs, saw the great white light and experienced cosmic consciousness.  Then in what can only be described as a "field of dreams experience" hitchhiking on the back roads of Missouri , Paul had an miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ.  Paul McGuire is an international expert in the fields of Bible prophecy, global economics, consciousness, technology and secret occult societies, the Nephilim and other esoteric fields.  Paul McGuire's research is followed by leading military generals, scientists, theologians, economists and people in the intelligence field.

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By Paul McGuire
In 1973 an unknown author, Thomas Pynchon, writes a literary classic, Gravity’s Rainbow, which depicts an Orwellian state where large blimps or Zeppelins float in the sky. The idea of flying Zeppelins appeared like an anachronism, a pre-World War II technology that would never be part of the future.
In 2014 the US Department of Defense announced that it will be flying spy blimps about 10,000 feet above Washington D.C. that will be capable of directing missiles to blow up threats against our nation’s capital and for surveillance and intelligence purposes. This is part of a $2.7 billion project to detect any low-flying missiles or terrorist threats. According to Raytheon, these “aerostats” carry powerful surveillance systems. They and the large NSA drones flying over our skies are prophetically like something from Gravity’s Rainbow.
Gravity’s Rainbow is about a totalitarian state set in Europe after World War II. Although Zeppelins stopped being used after the Hindenburg disaster, Pynchon depicts them hovering in the sky. At the time the novel was published, Pynchon’s use of Zeppelins was imaginative and seemed almost comical. The famous rock’n’roll group Led Zeppelin made use of the imagery in their band’s name. It is possible that the current spy blimps and large drones flying over our skies and the Zeppelins in Gravity’s Rainbow  are simply the product of a poetic coincidence… if you believe in poetic coincidences. But from the perspective of Jungian Literary Theory the Zeppelins could represent an archetype where Pynchon tapped into Jung’s collective unconscious.  
It has been hypothesized that many science fiction writers like H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and others were used by the elites for predictive programming. In predictive programming a narrative or set of ideas about the future is strategically embedded in mass consciousness through books, film, and television, in order to guide society in that direction. The author of books or director of films may or may not be aware that he is being used for predictive programming.
Thomas Pynchon is a mysterious literary figure who has kept his personal life very private. To whatever degree, either through direct experience or observing the experiences of friends or through personal research, the author has an off the charts knowledge of Nazi rocket science, Wernher von Braun, psychotropic drugs, brainwashing, mass surveillance, consciousness, science, history, and psychology. Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow is like George Orwell writing 1984 on LSD.
What is particularly fascinating about Thomas Pynchon’s novels like Gravity’s Rainbow, The Crying of Lot 49, Against the Day, Inherent Vice, and others is that the themes in his novels read like something from Operation Paperclip and MK ULTRA. Pynchon was born in 1937, and after graduating from Cornell University he wrote while working for Boeing in Seattle. After leaving Boeing he moved to Manhattan Beach, California and was involved in the hippie counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s. Some believe that Pynchon spent time near and around Stanford University and was involved in the Ken Kesey-LSD scene.
The majority of people in America and the world have a pervasive misunderstanding about where we really are on the timeline of technology and scientific discovery. The average person and many professionals do not understand that there are global networks currently developing science and using technology that most people do not believe will be discovered until about 100-200 years into the future. What the masses do not understand is that we have already entered into the world of science fiction, but it’s just that the existence of these technologies is being hidden from you, primarily by erecting artificial firewalls in your mind through education and media. In other words all of this is hidden in plain sight. 
In Thomas Pynchon’s 2006 novel Against the Day, the author incorporates  EMF waves, Tesla, the hollow Earth theory, scientific mind control, and other themes. In that novel alone, Pynchon reveals that he has an understanding of the reality of futuristic sciences and technologies already in operation. Pynchon’s references to Iceland, Tesla technology, and the Hollow Earth are indications that Pynchon grasps the multi-dimensional nature of reality that America is in desperate denial of, and this is why nightmares appear as they do, because it has terrifying implications.
What are these implications? Pynchon seems to grasp them, as his novels deal with a coming apocalypse. The military-industrial complex understands these implications because they are building massive underground cities to survive such an apocalypse. The tragedy is that certain novelists and many of the people involved with the military-industrial complex get it on many levels… they know what is coming. They also know about the inter-dimensional nature of reality.
But there is a demographic of people who should theoretically have a very deep understanding of apocalyptic and multidimensional realities.  The “People of the Book,” both Christians and Jews, should know all about this, but they don’t! Although there are exceptions, the majority of those who call themselves “believers in God” are clueless about what is going on. This is really a tragedy of enormous proportions and it is the one that caused the Messiah to weep in Jerusalem. The basic reason that most Christians and Jews do not understand what is really happening is that they have shut down their consciousness in the same way an EMP attack would shut down every light in every city across the nation. The People of the Book have collectively chosen not to believe the book or Word they have been given. This act of unbelief produces a total blindness to all that creates reality, so many Christians and Jews are unable even to suspect what is about to happen, and can be controlled through predictive programming.
There is a reason Thomas Pynchon saw Zeppelins while writing Gravity’s Rainbow from his hippie apartment in Manhattan Beach in 1973. There is also a reason why you will see these same Zeppelins flying above your skies under new names like drones, spy blimps, and aerostats.  

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