Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Paul McGuire Live Jerusalem & 2 Hours Live on God TV Prophecy

Paul McGuire live from Jerusalem broadcasting on God TV.  Paul is interviewed by Wendy Alec, who announces for the first time publicly, God TV's major backing of a regular series of end time / Bible prophecy shows to be hosted and produced by Paul McGuire.  In this dynamic interview, some of the guests Paul McGuire will interview are featured along with cutting edge Bible prophecy topics. Paul McGuire gives a 1 1/2 hour message and fund raiser after the interview.   Paul McGuire comes on about 59 minutes into the video clip you can watch at or 

Title: Day 5 Speaker: Programme, Wendy Alec Theme: GOD TV Vision Series: Revival Alert # 5  October 2014 Duration: 2h 56m
Wendy Alec is back in the studio today where the focus is on the End Times and Bible Prophecy expert, Paul McGuire, is our special guest.

Wendy talks about GOD TV overcoming the mountain of media and shares some of the many messages she and the team have received in what has been an overwhelming show of love, prayer and support from viewers.

Wendy also speaks with Paul McGuire about the importance of broadcasting programming on the End Times, which is such a powerful evangelistic tool.  Wendy shares how she regularly visits Paul McGuire's website at and to read Paul's cutting edge research on Bible prophecy and subjects like, one world economic system, Illuminati, ET's, Nephilim, mark of the beast technology, occult technology, Transhumanism, Israel and prophecy, etc.  Wendy Alec shares with the audience how Paul's research helps her write her best-selling prophetic novels.  Watch now and discover how you can use current global issues as a hook to share the Gospel with unbelievers.

“Jesus said that we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free,” says Paul McGuire, “Salvation is the most important truth, but Jesus also meant truth as it applies to understanding the signs of the times."

Join Wendy and Paul McGuire for a fascinating discussion on several End Time topics including the Illuminati plan for a One World Government, One World Religion and One World Economic System.

"Christian programming that tickles Christian ears that secular people won’t watch is no threat to the devil," says Paul. "Creative End Time programming from GOD TV is a battering ram that destroys the strongholds over people’s minds."  Paul McGuire added in his message that the end times / Bible prophecy TV shows that he will be hosting will reach millions of people around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially those people who are turned off to the Christian religion.  Paul McGuire will be interviewing many of his friends and colleagues in prophecy such as Chuck Missler, LA Marzulli, Tom Horn, Gary Stearman, Bob Ulrich, Tim LaHaye, Bill Salus, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Troy Anderson and many others!  Paul McGuire will also be interviewing Prime Ministers, Presidents, top military generals, leading scientists, etc.

More info and watch interview and Paul's message at: and

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