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Paul McGuire Live Jerusalem God TV Prophecy Show Paul McGuire

Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist, Troy Anderson is writing a major story on this for one of the most influential magazines in the U.S. - more info on that to come! Paul McGuire I just got back from Jerusalem where I was seeking the Lord at the Wailing Wall and did a live broadcast with God TV where God TV co-founder Wendy Alec, announced that God TV was going full speed ahead with the major prophecy TV show series that I will be hosting and producing for God TV.  The show will feature Bible prophecy teachers like Chuck Missler, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn of the Harbinger, LA Marzulli, Tom Horn, Gary Stearman, Bob Ulrich, many of the PITN / Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit teachers, "Doc" Beshore, Tim LaHaye, Bill Salus, Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Troy Anderson, David Hocking, Chris Putnam, Steve Quayle, Jack Hayford, Stan Deyo, Presidents, Prime Ministers, top military generals, scientists, Hollywood celebrities who follow Paul McGuire's prophecy teaching and many, many others!  

I have been talking to Wendy Alec about this show for a number of years and God TV is going to use it to win souls across the world!  Everyday I get E Mails from people who have accepted Jesus Christ or who have returned to Jesus Christ after backsliding.  They all tell me the same thing. "Paul McGuire, the Lord used  your cutting edge prophecy programs and teaching to save me!"   Wendy Alec announced over the air that she regularly visits my website and to do her prophecy research for her best-selling novels.  Watch the following video clip starting at 59 minutes in where Wendy Alec describes the prophecy TV show I am doing, then I give a 1 1/2 hour message and fund raiser.   Watch video at or  Also, if you start watching 48 minutes into the video which is Revival Alert Day # 5, you will see video of Chuck Missler, LA Marzulli, Chris Putnam and others who will be my guests on the TV show.

Keep me and God TV in your prayers and we need your support.  This is the kind of cutting edge programming that really wins souls and whenever you win souls,there is a spiritual battle!  You can watch the video clip on GOd TV at and  Spread the Word fast and wide!  Please write God TV or E Mail them and let them know how much you appreciate this programming where our guests will "rightly divide the Word of God" and teach a Bible-based prophetic Word!  Watch at and

Pray for us as millions of souls will be won to Jesus Christ with the most powerful series of Bible prophecy TV show programs ever aired on a television network!   Paul McGuire, "The prophecy programs I will be hosting and producing for God TV will be very powerful and cutting edge prophecy programs...the kind of powerful programs that will draw in unbelievers by the millions around the world!  I believe that these prophetic programs will ignite the fires of a Biblical revival, where Biblical truth is proclaimed and where God's people will be taught the prophetic Word, exhorted to repent and cry out to God in a manner rarely heard over TV and radio,  By God's grace there will be a Biblical and end times revival, a massive soul harvest and a Biblical Great Awakening based on the Word of God!  I need 24/7 prayer partners to pray for me and God TV.

When you stop playing church and obey the Lord and get on the front lines of a spiritual battle, you need intercessory prayer warriors to stand in the Gap for you!  Please watch the God TV broadcast starting around 59 minutes in (48 minutes in if you want to see examples of the programming we will be doing with Chuck Missler and others.  I have known Chuck Missler and many other prophecy teachers from my tens years of hosting the nationally syndicated Paul McGuire Show from Southern California!  What is happening now is the result of all the people like you praying for me all these years!  Now I need your prayers more than ever!  A massive end times soul harvest is coming and this prophecy TV show series on God TV will reach millions of people globally with the full Truth of God's Word in the area of Bible prophecy.  Jesus Christ said, "You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free!"  Many churches in America and around the world are censoring God's prophetic Word from their people and they are not teaching prophecy?  Can you imagine any man or woman of God actually choosing not to teach Bible prophecy by saying "that is not my ministry."  To be blunt, I don't think that excuse will work at the Judgment Seat of Christ! Pray for these men and women, that they would repent and see the Light! 

My message is not about blaming people, but lovingly exhorting them to preach all of God's Word and if they don't feel qualified, then make a way for someone like me or another Bible teacher you trust to teach the prophetic Word.  It is true that we have different callings in the ministry.  I am thankful that Dr. Jack Hayford, who was one of my spiritual fathers taught me how to teach the prophetic Word faithfully, but in such a way that even though we teach the tough subjects, I teach that God is Love and behind everything He does in Revelation is Love!  God is Holy and He is the Supreme Judge of the Universe and Jesus is returning at the Second Coming with the armies of heaven, but God is also Love andHe will wipe away every tear from every eye!  So the emphasis is on the Redemption and Salvation of God!  This kind of Spirit-filled teaching based solidly on the Word of God puts you on the front lines in the spiritual battle.  As such,I am personally asking for intercessors and prayer warriors to pray for me 24/7 and pray for God TV and Wendy Alec also., they are obeying God in doing this and you cannot enter a "Battle for a Billion Souls" without a massive spiritual battle, which as you can see has started already!  Visit or

Watch the video and E Mail me at or or write me and please let me know I have your prayers!  It means a lot to me! 

Your friend in Christ,

Paul McGuire

P.S. E Mail or write God TV and thank them for doing this prophecy TV Show with Paul McGuire at

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