Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas HOPE NOT SUICIDE Spread Far & Wide!!

I am asking you to spread this message virally to as many people as you can and get others to spread across social media.  Tragically, during the Christmas Season many people take their lives in despair.  By simply being obedient, you can put this message in many places and there are people out there who need to watch it!  Pray over this video and spread it far & wide!  God can use you to save a person's life and to save a soul!  If people out there Email me , Paul McGuire by going to  - they can contact me directly on the contact page and I will personally get the Email.  We will pray for everyone who writes us and to the degree that we can, we will attempt to contact the people who reach out to us!  If we are overwhelmed with people needing help, we will pray for EVERYONE and try out best to respond!  Would you join me Paul McGuire in saving lives and saving souls this holiday season?  If we partner together on this we can save a lot of lives!  That is what my life is all about and that is what this ministry is all about.  I am sure that is what your life is all about.  This message is not a substitute for people who need to seek out a medical professional.  There are people who suffer from severe depression and have biochemical disorders.  There are people who are going through crisis and suffering great emotional pain.  We encourage them to reach out for medical help.  But, we are offering spiritual help and I believe that Jesus Christ can supernaturally save people from the brink of despair.  God offers you a message of HOPE and not Suicide!

I have just sent up a series of Christmas message videos that can help many people on my Youtube Channel - LIGHTNING AT THE CROSSROAD.  You can also search Youtube and the Internet by typing in the words, Paul McGuire Christmas message of Christmas Eve message and watch all 5 videos! 

I need your help on this!  We have a lot of people who are really hurting our there!  People suffering the pain of divorce, losing jobs, veterans, depression and other things.  We want to present this message to everyone who needs to hear it, by using Youtube, video, articles, books, television, radio and inviting them to a Paradise Mountain worship service or helping them find a loving and caring ministry near them.

Your brother in Christ,

Paul McGuire

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