Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Vortex of World War 3, Prophecy & Revival Paul McGuire 1

Paul McGuire's powerful message entitled The Vortex of World War 3 & Prophecy is recorded on a 4 DVD set which covers Paris, Redlands, California, American and EU, ISIS terror attacks and the need for people to engage in spiritual warfare on the level of a Biblical revival and a Third Great Awakening.  Get more info at  In this DVD series you will experience the power of revival!

Visit Paul McGuire's website at and take advantage of all the discount and bundle specials!!  We want you to use Paul's DVD's as a tool to invite friends and neighbors over, or play them in your church or group!  If you act on what Paul is teaching and truly repent and seek the Lord, a powerful revival can break out in your meeting that will transform you life and everyone around you.  Remember, true Biblical revival's are contagious.  Maybe you and your friends have never experienced the power and joy of revival personally?  Revival does not have to be something weird or super-spiritual, it is simply the work of the Spirit of God.  Paul teaches the important truth that God will send revival wherever God's people simply pray and ask Him.  You don't have to be perfect to get revival!  You just come as you are and God does the rest.  Just imagine how your life, the life of your family, church and people you know will wonderfully change when God begins to move in their lives?  Revival can come to you the moment you begin to synch up with God according to what the Word teaches.  Go for it!  You have nothing to lose, but your misery, depression, fear and defeat!  You will take up wings as eagles and you will walk and not faith!  You will experience supernatural joy!

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