Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have just recorded a special McGuire Report Prophetic Update on Israel & Gaza which is available on the website. This week I will be on the History Channel most of the week in a special entitled Seven Signs of the Apocalypse. We pray they edited it in a way that got the Word out. The Gaza Invasion which in reality is not an invasion by Israel, but self-defense against the terrorist organization Hamas, dominates the news. I have never had a greater burden for prayer of America, Israel and the world than now.

As many of you know, we mobilized countless thousands across the nation to fast and pray. What I did not share at the time because I did not want to frighten people over the air, was what the Lord put on my heart. Now some of the things that the Lord placed a heavy burden upon my heart have come to pass. First, of all we have a global financial meltdown and I have written a new book on this from a Prophetic perspective. Secondly, Israel is under attack. It is interesting how America's financial collapse happened while our State Department and President were pressuring Israel behind the scenes. I talked about this with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in a special meeting arranged by Pastor Leo of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship. I asked Olmert about the danger of giving up land for peace and he assured me that he understood. But, look at what has been the result of this action. In addition, to Gaza we have a new President who appears to not be as supportive as other President's have been. So far, he has governed from a Centrist position. However, he was put in power by powers that want to see a global agenda and America become more like China. I write about that in my new book.

The Islamic world is testing Obama and they are going to watch carefully how he handles this situation in the Middle East. Russia has its navy in the Panama Canal with nukes and it is very aggressive about the oil pipeline in Georgia. America's currency is faltering and the world may change to a Euro, a Phoenix or if we have a Regional Global Government - an Amero.

The question about global government is no longer open for discussion. Global government is already here and the New World Financial Order had to be established for the global government to surface. Along with this global government there is a coming one world religion. In fact, I will be speaking at the Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, Southern California Prophecy Conference on Feb. 20th. The other speakers will be Pastor Jack Hibbsl, David Hocking, Tim LaHaye and many other excellent speakers. I hope to meet you there,

GOD TV has been running a End of the Age Last Days Prophecy series where I have been interviewed a number of times and more interviews are coming up. Chuck Missler has also been interviewed and they aired film featuring Dave Hunt.

We are going to continue holding Prophecy Meeting's around Southern California. We have been holding them at Hilton Hotels in Costa Mesa and Woodland Hills. However, we are looking for a church or meeting room we can rent. If you know of one E Mail me. The meeting's are free and we want to expand them to San Diego and out in Riverside County. We do not want to compete with churches or any other ministries so we hold them once a month on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Sign up on the E Mail Prophecy Newsletter for the calendar of event and check the website.

If you know people who would like the information on the McGuire Report Prophecy E Mail Intelligence Repot sign them up. But, please don't sign people up who really don't want it.

We are moving forward and will have an announcement about radio and television. In order to be cost effective we are going to build our own studio's. This will save us a lot of money and enable us to go into all the nations of the world. I am planning to go to India to evanglize and teach the Bible. We are thankful to God for all the support we have received and reports about people who have accepted Christ or have been edified and strengthened by what we do.

The Lord is using our message of Bible Propheyc and current events to win souls for Jesus Christ. There are many people out there who will not go to church. But, they will listen to a message on current events. We have found that this helps us to be "fishers of men."

2009 is going to be a year of tremendous change. Millions of people are going to eagerly give up their Constitutional freedoms in order to be taken care of in our rapidly evolving socialist society. The most virulent form of the coming one world religion is not from outside the Church, but inside of it. There is now a steady stream of "Emergent Church" leaders making public statements that reveal the apostasy is growing. The recent steeping down of the new head of the National Association of Evangelical's after making open statement boldy opposing what the Bible teaches is an indication the apostasy that has swept into the "evangelical church."

2009 will be a year of enormous spiritual harvest for those who are true to His Word. We plan to take an active role in that harvest.



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