Wednesday, January 14, 2009


By now it should be obvious that the economic meltdown is a manufactured crisis. Henry Kissinger has made two separate statements in the international media calling for a new world order. Kissinger called on Obama to usher in the new world order during an MSNBC interview at the New York Stock Exchange and then Kissinger wrote an article for the international version of the New York Times promoting the new world order.

Until recently, the term was put underground by the very people who are promoting the new world order. I go into detail about what is going to happen in the U.S. and the world in my new book, coming out very soon, "The Day The Dollar Died." (c) Also, if you sign up for the McGuire Report E Mail newsletter you will get insider updates.

Narco-terrorism in Mexico has killed close to 6,000 people and threatens to destabilize the entire nation. There maybe a major escalation of conflict in the Middle East with Iran, Russia, Libya, Lebanon and other nations joining in. Osama bin Laden has been calling for jihad on terrorist websites. Russia is olding Europe hostage with oil.

Despite the origins of the international monetary crisis, we are now in the mode of an engineered crisis. Banks, investment firms, industries are being nationalized globally. Congress has given trillions of dollars with little or no accountability. The nationalization of industries is an integral step in the globalization process. Many of Obama's top people are admitted globalists and some are openly socialists. It is like a giant chess board. Bring in a 1929-style Great Depression crisis...terrify the people and they will welcome socialism with open arms. Big Government is about to get much bigger! The recent Presidential Candidate for the Constitution Party Chuck Baldwin has been reading my book "Are You Ready?" When we met at the studio I gave him a copy. He is now warning about the loss of our Constitution and a North American Constitution which is the thesis of Are You Ready? In any case, I am glad he is getting the word out.

Right now we are on a very slippery slope. There is a powerful convergence going on. A possible eruption of war in the Middle East involving Israel. The intentional dismantling of our Constitution and currency. The goal is a global currency and a new Constitution. When you hear them say, "The Constitution is a living, breathing document or the Constitution is evolving." That is code for you are going into a Marxist-style state where we will preserve the illusion of your freedom and you can say and do anything you long it is politically correct.

Again, I go into it in far more detail in "The Day The Dollar Died" but we are moving towards a Hegelian synthesis of Communist China and the United States of America. If you are Middle Class and hard working than you are the TARGET. Economic and social forces have deliberately been triggered to create an environment where you are going to welcome socialism with open arms. But, your standard of living is being reduced very quickly. You are going to wake up and discover that you are now poorer and more dependent on government which is what this whole thing is all about. Many years ago, before they rewrote the school books our Founding Father's understood and believe that God was their source. Now the average American believes Government is their source which always leads to tryanny.

From a prophetic standpoint we are now in the period of the Rise of the Fourth Beast in the Book of Daniel. I will be teaching the Book of Daniel at the King's College & Seminary in a few weeks. The coming one world religion is already here in the form of many of the Emergent Church's and all the New Age stuff. Along with the coming one world religion is the coming one world government. That is what Henry Kissinger is alluding to when he talks about the "new world order." I will be speaking at the Calvary Chapel Chino Hills Prophecy Conference Feb. 20th on "The Coming One World Religion" right before Dr. David Hocking. Come on out its free and I would love to meet you!

Also, the McGuire Prophecy Meeting's are continuing in Southern California. We will be having one in Irvine on March 17th at the Hyatt.

As part of our outreach and in order to fulfill the Great Commission we are building a radio and television facility. The fields are white for harvest, but the laborer's are few." We are going into all the world because its harvest time. The shaking that has begun will continue and intensify. There is only one place safe to stand and that is on the Solid Rock. You and I have been called for such a time as this. Around us is the Laodecian Church, but the shaking will bring many into the Kingdom.

Remember who your Source is and commit your way to Him. We walk in the light and we are not in the darkness. We are children of the Day and not the night. Our eyes are open and we know who is coming soon, far sooner than you think. Are you ready? Are you really ready? because the time for playing games is long gone. We are approaching Daniel's Seventieth Week. I just had the opportunity to be interviewed for a 2 hour entitled "Seven Signs of the Apocalypse." They have played it a bunch of times and they are playing it again in about a week. Tim LaHaye and Joel Rosenberg are also interviewed along with a number of scientists. The secular world gets it. In many respects they recognize the signs of the times more than the Laodecian Church. The Laodecian Church wants the world's approval. Why on earth should we look to get the world's approval? Jesus Christ did not get it. If you are looking to get the world's approval than you are walking down the wrong road.

Living In The Light of His Soon Return,

Paul McGuire

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