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"The Day The Dollar Died" (c) is coming out in a couple of weeks. If you pre-order today you can receive a discount off the regular price. "The Day The Dollar Died" explains why the current financial meltdown is happening and why it is a planned event. It is a generated crisis designed to lead to a cashless society, a one world economic system and a global government. "The Day The Dollar Died" is the 16th book I have written. It is the most important book that I have written. We are literally in the process of a massive global transformation from the nation-state into the "world socialist" government dreamed of by the Fabain Socialists like the science fiction writer H.G. Wells.

Global government is no longer a theoretical concept is here at our door. The fact that the Federal Government is spending trillions of dollars to bailout banks and industries is unprecendented and this process is being repeated by nations like England, France, Germany, Russia and so on. When a government buys up major corporations or industries, that is called nationalization. Nationalization is Communism or Socialism. In the Communisti Manifesto, one of the tenets of Communism according to Karl Marx was that the government owns the means of production. Nationalization is a process where the government begins to own business. This is what Adolph Hitler did in Germany through his National Socialist Party and it was what Lenin did in Russia with the Communist Party.

Globally, banks and industries have become nationalized. This is "world socialism." I deal with all of this extensively in my book "The Day The Dollar Died." The question should be asked, "Since the U.S. Government is completely broke, then where are they getting the trillions of dollars to buy out banks and companies?" The answer of course is, that the U.S. Government is borrowing trillions of dollars for the bailout. Who are they borrowing the trillions of dollars from? They are borrowing trillions of dollars from the Federal Reserve System. Most Americans do not understand that the Federal Reserve System has absolutely nothing to do with the Federal Government or the people of the United States. The Federal Reserve System is the banking entity which competely owns and controls the U.S. money supply. However, the Federal Reserve System is a group of international banking interests that is completely independent of the U.S. Government. In other words, our money system and our money is not owned by "we the people." A powerful groups of international bankers took control of the U.S. money supply around 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed. At that time the entire money system was transferred out of the authority of the U.S. Government and now owned by international bankers. In Europe they do not call it the Federal Reserve they call those banks the "Central Banks." In reality they are the same thing. The reality is that when the Federal Reserve Act was passed America was bought and now controlled by international banking concerns. They have owned the U.S. ever since the Federal Reserve Act was passed. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and even John F. Kennedy fought to stop this or reverse the process.

Both political parties and our media are controlled by these financial interests. We continue to have a "dog and pony show" called elections, but the reality is that both political parties are controlled by the same powerful economic interests. The people who put Bush in office are the people who put Obama in office. There are some differences in the parties and we should continue to vote. But, the real differences are minimal.

Where is all of this going? Henry Kissinger's highly publicized statements on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, as well as in his recent article in the international edition of the New York Times give us a a big clue. Kissinger has brought up the term "new world order" again. In fact, his editorial in the international New York Times uses the term "new world order" in the title and he urges Obama to move us into a "new world order." "The Day The Dollar Died" goes into the history and documentation of all of this. The purpose of the global financial crisis is to create an international financial regulatory system and a global currency. After the one world economic system is put into place, the next phase is a one world government. This is why they are currently having Constitutional Conventions in the United States. They must change our current Constitution in order to replace it with a U.N. or EU based constitution. It will no longer be "one nation under God," but "one world under man."

The "Fourth Beast" in Daniel Chapter 9 or the "Revived Roman Empire" is emerging before our very eyes. Ths History Channel just did a 2-hour special with me entitled "Seven Signs of the Apocalypse." The othere guests were Tim LaHaye and Joel Rosenberg. I will be speaking at the Calvary Chapel Chino Hills Prophecy Conference on the topic of the "Coming One World Religion" on Feb. 20th. This Tuesday Jan. 26th I begin my series on "The Book of Daniel" at the King's College & Seminary in Van Nuy's. GOD TV is running an Apocalypse & The End Times Series with me, Chuck Missler, Mike Evans and others. March 17th at the Hyatt Hotel in Irvine we are holding another "McGuire Prophecy Meeting" and we have other meeting's sceduled around Southern California. Also, we will have some exciting news to announce regarding both television and radio.

Everything you would want to know about what is happening to our economy and where it is all leading is in "The Day The Dollar Died."

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