Friday, May 8, 2009


Paul McGuire

I have been teaching The Book of Ezekiel at the King’s College & Seminary. God told Ezekiel that He has appointed watchman to warn the people of God of impending danger. If the watchman so the enemy coming and failed to warn the people, then God would hold the watchman accountable for the blood of the people. Yet if the watchmen was faithful in his duties and warned the people by blowing the trumpet, and if the people ignored his warning’s then their blood would be upon their own hands.
In addition, God warned Ezekiel about the false prophets. Tragically, there are many false prophets in America, Europe and other nations. But, these false prophets have a message that the people want to hear. The false prophets are telling the people just believe God, make positive confessions and everything will be fine. The false prophets are not alerting God’s people to the grave dangers ahead and their “just smile and be happy sermons” are keeping the people in a kind of hypnotic trance while destruction is coming to America and many other nations. Today, I come before you as a watchman and ask you to hear the Word of the Lord.
The “Evangelical Church” in America, with some exceptions, has become the Laodecian Church in that Jesus spoke to in Revelation and it has moved into apostasy. President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security has sent a strong signal that it intends to persecute and go after Christians, who are pro-life, believing in End Time’s teaching, believe in traditional marriage and who are patriotic. Secondly, Obama’s “National Service Corps” has stated that no one who is involved in church, sings in the choir, goes to Bible studies, participates in worship services or shares their faith is allowed to be part of the National Service Corps.
The pastors who were weeping with joy over his election are soon going to be weeping with tears when their churches are shut down and they are taken away in handcuffs. On every hand forces are moving with lightning speed to censor the Internet, censor talk radio, and make it a “hate crime” to preach from the Bible and to believe marriage is between a man and a woman. Make no mistake about it pastors are going to be arrested in the near future for preaching the Bible and churches are going to be shut down. The flood gates of persecution have opened in America,
The reason our troops are in Afghanistan is because Pakistan is about ready to fall to the Taliban and the Islamic terrorists will have their hands on 100 nuclear warheads. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sounded a new call for the total destruction of Israel. President Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, demanded that Israel must embrace the two-state solution or the U.S. will not confront Iran about their of nuclear weapons. Yet, the Israeli’s sense their very existence is threatened and the majority of Jews in Israel support a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. While much of the church in America sleep’s, Israel is moving towards for a confrontation with Iran. Israel perceives Iran as an existential threat to its existence and they are prepared to suffer hundreds of thousands of casualties in order to survive. The Center for Strategic and International Studies predicts that there could be millions of deaths in Iran. The leadership of Iran is prepared to sacrifice millions of its citizen’s for their holy war with Israel. It is very possible a regional thermonuclear war could break out in the Middle East where Syria could suffer millions of deaths and the destruction of Syria. The U.S., EU, Russia, China and other nations would be brought into the conflict which could become an Ezekiel 38 scenario.
With all these problems escalating, the European Union, which is the Revived Roman Empire or Fourth Beast , predicted by the Prophet Daniel rising in power. While the majority of the U.S. media ignore the development, Fox News Commentator Dick Morris said“I’ve had a long experience in dealing with the European Union, and this is how they operate. All the [G-20] focus was on how much will there be in the stimulus package, $1.1 trillion. And did Obama win? Did Sarcoxie win? And in the meantime, they slip this in under the radar, which is absolutely creating an international economic union.” Morris is saying they are creating a one world economic system which is what I reveal in my new book “The Day The Dollar Died.”
The European Union has methodically created a one world economic system. The EU operates its European Monetary Union from Frankfurt, Germany. Our nation is moving full speed ahead with its North American Union which I document in my book “Are You Ready?” The recent G-20 meeting in London, gave the EU regulatory authority the power to establish policy on for the world financial markets. What is so terrifying about this EU global financial system is the relationship it has ties to Nazi ideals that supposedly disappeared. We need to remember that the Nazi Party was never destroyed; it simply morphed around the world and helped create U.S. intelligence apparatus in what was called Operation Paper Clip. In my novel “The Warning” I reveal this global conspiracy which is very much alive.
The American people are living in a dream state of consciousness and that would include much of the church. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke predicts the end of the recession. Yet, we lost 491,000 jobs in April. We still have immense deficits and a multitrillion dollar national debt. Both the Republican and Democratic Party are concerned with cosmetic solutions. But, there is going to be a horrific blow-back!
The Christian Church is acting exactly like the Church acted in pre-Nazi Germany. In fact, much of the theology being preached right now, whether it is called the Emergent Church or the “Seeker-Friendly” movement, could have come right out of the German School’s of Theological Higher Criticism. Hitler called for a “Positive Christianity” and the Evangelical Church of Germany put Hitler in power and actually supported him.
Twenty of the biggest banks are technically bankrupt! Bank of America is $33.9 billion in the red, and Citigroup is owes $5.5 billion. It will take a minimum of $75 billion taxpayer money to save them. But when you listen to all the false prophets preach they act as if nothing is happening. America is the Titanic and we have hit the icebergs, but the Church in American is in an idolatrous relationship the false prophets who are not telling the people the truth!
The only thing that can save America is God and America must support Israel or suffer the wrath of God. The Lord had set my heart on fire. I am a burning man! I am a watchmen and I am sounding the alarm. We are in grave danger. The high probability that we will move into Martial Law and live under a Police State is ever-present. Jesus is coming. But, American Christians, like Christians around the world have may suffer terrible persecution before the Rapture of the Church. What can we do? I am asking you to join me at the “America On Fire Prophecy Meetings” I am having at Calvary Chapel Carlsbad, the Lighthouse Community Church in Costa Mesa and prayerfully Beth Ariel in West Hills. Check the website! We have “America On Fire Prophecy Meetings” this week! You have a choice you can sit home in denial and pretend like the Laodecian Christian’s that all is well. If you believe that you have chosen to believe a lie.
The Holy Spirit has written on my heart a promise for God’s people that I want to share. It is a promise for you and a promise for this nation. But, you must come to the meetings! The Lord has shown me that He has made a way of escape for His people. There exists a small window of opportunity that will close very soon. But, the Lord in His grace, has given us one last chance. I hear a trembling in the heavens. Israel God’s prophetic alarm clock is blaring loudly to the church calling it to wake up. God has not called believers to fatalism or fear! We need to be ready to “rumble” using spiritual weapons. We are at the crossroads! I feel a deep stirring in my heart. America was lost and God raised up Jonathan Edwards who preached a sermon called “Sinners In The Hands of An Angry God” where he talked about the agony of hell and damnation in a monotone voice. He was not embarrassed like today’s preachers who literally scoff and mock what they call “hell fire and brimstone preaching.” This celebrity Christian couple who have denied the truth of God’s Word over and over again on Larry King sneer at messages of men like Jonathan Edwards. Another minister who I love and I weep for has actually apologized to the gay community for supporting traditional marriage! My dear friends, we ought to fear God and not man! We ought to apologize to God Almighty for failing to stand for marriage the holy institution which He loves. I literally weep over the apostasy that has swept our churches, pulpits and seminaries. You need to come to one of the “Prophecy Meeting’s” this week and next that I am holding where we will repent and apologize to God. We will ask Him to send a genuine revival before His soon return. Only a genuine revival and a Third Great Awakening before His return can spare our nation. If you love God and your children you will come to these “America On Fire Prophecy Meeting’s.” No matter how far you have to drive, join me and let us seek the Lord together and see what He will do?”We will either fall on the altar of God in repentance asking Him to set our cold hearts on fire once again, because we are the Laodecian Church. Or we will see our cities , cities of the world and nation burn with the fires of judgment. Dear ones, recognize where we are and HEAR THE VOICE THE LORD! HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING TO THE CHURCHES.

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