Saturday, May 30, 2009

San Diego Fines Pastor for Bible Study

The county says Pastor David Jones of Southbay Community Church has been praying at his house every Tuesday and that he needs a permit to host a bible study. Unfortunately, this is just part of the wave of "The Coming Persecution of Christians" in America. I wrote an entire article on it entitled "The Coming Persecution of Christians" which you can read on my website

For over ten years I was on the air, live in San Diego, all of Southern California and many markets across the United States 3-4 hours per day. I repeatedly warned the pastors and the churches that if they did not stand up for their religious liberties that they would soon lose them.

There is a coming wave of persecution against Bible believing Christians that will be so intense and so quick that the church is totally unprepared for what is about to happen. If we are honest about our apathy before God and ourselves there is the hope that we can obey II Chronicles 7:14 and see God spare our nation the judgment that is already coming.

The day is coming quicker than you think when both pastors and ordinary Christians will be arrested, handcuffed and jailed for simply preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My dear friends, we are on the very precipice of losing all of our religious liberties with the stroke of a pen. But, most of the church is saying this is America, it can't happen here. Isn't that the same term the Jews used when the began to see Germany moved towards totalitarianism. In fact, many Jews and Christian refused to believe that they were going to their death until the poison gas began to spray from the showers.

It can't happen here? You better look again. It is happening here. A pastor in San Diego just got fined for having a small Bible study in his home?

Personally, I think its time to stop listening to the false prophets, who like in the time of Ezekiel, were saying everything is going to be okay. Smile, don't worry, be happy, have a good attitude and everything will be okay. Really?

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