Friday, May 22, 2009


Paul McGuire

At conferences, Prophecy Meeting’s and classes I teach I am besieged with questions from people who want to know specifically what to do to protect themselves and family. I am going to provide specific answers and I have provided some, but I do not want to give God’s people counsel that could hurt them. But, there is one spiritual principle that I would like to share that I believe is imperative. Before you do anything, seek the face of God through prayer and through His Word. I know that may sound very simple, but many believers do not do that. God is willing to lead you and guide you through the still small voice within you and His Word.
Secondly, after you seek the Lord and commit your way to Him, than believe Him and trust Him that He will take care of you. Many things are about to come upon the earth and in this nation which will shake and frighten many. But, God promises to take care of those who are walking with Him. That does not mean that there will be no more trials or adversities. But, God has promised to take care of you, if you are walking with and seeking His face.
God is our ark of safety when the storms of life come! That also means that we are to diligently listen to the voice of God and be open to His ideas, plans and directions. Also, there is one further admonishment I want to give you. Stop listening to the false prophets and those who are walking in apostasy. Many of God’s people are being led astray because they idolize their celebrity ministers. Idolatry is sin. We are to seek God and not man. There are many false prophets who like in Ezekiel’s time are promising peace and prosperity. They are lying to the people, but many want to be lied to. They do not want to hear the truth!
In the Spirit of Jesus Christ I am telling you the truth. There is a greater shaking coming in the nations of the world. Israel will be part of the shaking. There are things that are going to happen that will shake the faith of many. I go into detail in my book, “The Day The Dollar Died.” God’s people are not prepared for what is going to happen and many of them cannot see what is coming. There is a Remnant that can see and God is speaking to them. They are being mocked right now by many in the Church as being “extreme.” But, persecution is the price for speaking the truth.
Walk with the Lord and trust Him. He will open doors for you in ministry and business. Trust Him and He will provide for you and your family. There will be divine opportunities in the midst of the storm. Many will come to Christ and there will be a great harvest of souls.
But, the key is to seek the Lord! Read His Word! Turn from immorality and sin. Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you. A shaking is coming, but you will be standing on solid ground. On Jesus Christ the solid rock I stand…all else is sinking sand.

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