Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Defeat Pressures of Life Paul McGuire


By Paul McGuire

Economic collapse, World War III and the unending personal challenges, needs, temptations and spiritual battles that we all face, has increased the pressure of the world we live in. The only way you will be able to survive and overcome in the upcoming days is by learning how to appropriate the supernatural power of God through prayer.

Do you have financial needs, job needs, relational problems, marriage difficulties, health issues and other problems? Do you desire that God would bless your nation or your family? Are you asking God to provide the finances to save your house from foreclosure? Do you want God to provide you with the right mate or heal your marriage?

If you have learned the secret of abiding in Christ, nothing is impossible with God! Nothing! But, you are going to have to get out of the sandbox and start learning how to engage in what I term, “High Level Spiritual Warfare with Overwhelming Force.” This is not just praying. This is calling heaven down upon your problems, so that the supernatural force of God literally overwhelms the force of the enemy and the world system.

In all of life, you are in a spiritual battle! The Apostle Paul warns us in Ephesians Chapter 6, “That our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, the dark unseen forces of wickedness in heavenly places.” The conflicts that we see in our lives and our world have a spiritual root to them. That is not to say that everything that happens to us is a demonic attack, but it does mean that many times the adversary is attacking us through human situations in order to destroy our testimony.

If you do not fight back using spiritual weapons, you open the door in the invisible realm for the devil to destroy you. “Satan goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may destroy.” This means Satan cannot destroy everyone, only those whom he may destroy. That means believers who have stopped wearing their spiritual armor and have ceased resisting the devil.

When you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit took up residence in your heart. The Holy Spirit is part of the Triune God or Trinity that God describes Himself as in the Bible. So once you are saved, God begins to live in you. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Among other things, God has a spiritual plan for your life because He has given you the Great Commission which is to preach the Gospel to all nations and to disciple the nations. You can only begin to accomplish that by absolute reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit inside of you. When you develop absolute reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit, the Lord is then able to send His power into every area of need in your life.

God is your Heavenly Father and He knows that you have real human needs such as a job, relationships, a place to live, money, clothing, etc. God is very concerned about meeting the real physical needs you have. For example, because of the economy, a lot of people are in danger of losing their jobs and the bank wants to seize their homes. This produces tremendous fear and anxiety in people’s live. Health needs money, jobs, relationships, marriage and many other things can cause tremendous blessing and distress. Believers in who have repented of their sins and are about their Father’s business, regularly receive the miraculous provision of God.
Many Christians ignore the God’s Word and cannot understand why their lives and this world are in great turmoil. These are the last days and everything is coming together as God said it would through His prophets thousands of years ago.
God’s will for your life is Paradise! Adam and Eve were the first managers of planet earth and they ruled Paradise. Genetically it was impossible for them to get sick, age or have any health problems. The environment was beautiful and perfect. There was no energy crisis or war. The food and water were pure. Adam and Eve lived in the intimate Presence of God.

However, both Even and Adam yielded to temptation and disobeyed the Word of God by eating from the fruit of the tree in the middle of the Garden. Instantly the death force entered the human race and after thousands of years, it is obvious they we are a long way from Paradise.

God has offered salvation from this fallen world through His Son Jesus Christ. Yet, sinful and fallen men, conspire to use their massive wealth to create a Luciferian new world order which the Apostle John described in Revelation. The coming one world economic system and the coming one world government are warning signs that Jesus Christ is about to return.
But, until Christ returns He gave you the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Helper and the Counselor to give you the supernatural power to overcome in this life. But, many Christians, including those who claim to be Spirit-filled Christians have quenched the Spirit of God within in them. They are trying to run on empty, It is like their lives are like automobiles with no gas and they are furious that they cannot drive the car anywhere. They are in need, frustrated, tempted, sick and depressed. But, all they need to do is fill their gas tank with the Holy Spirit.
In the same way if you are running on empty in your Christian life, stop faking it and playing church. Jesus Christ did not use polite-little-plastic words when he dealt with this spiritual emptiness in the Laodecian Church. He said, “Since you are neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of my mouth.” When Christ used the word vomit it meant it exactly what it means, which is to barf, puke and so on! Get it! These are the words of Jesus!

God wants to supernaturally fill us with His Holy Spirit. We are to abide in Him and He is us, so that we can bear much fruit. The Apostle Paul told us to be “filled with the Spirit.” When we are walking supernaturally in the power of the Holy Spirit, we discover that God begins to supply our need, heal, give us wisdom, open doors, win souls, teach the Word and minister the Gospel with miraculous power.
It is only when we are filled with the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit that we can stand against the forces of totalitarian atheism and the spirit of this age. David, when he was under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and had to engage a giant on the battlefield named Goliath, shouted boldly to the giant and before all Israel, “How dare you defy the armies of the living God!” In the same today God call us to defeat our spiritual enemies, legally, through spiritual warfare!
The reason we have so many cowards in the pulpits and the pews, who are desperately trying to play it safe like the Jews did in Nazi, Germany, is because these men and women are not truly filled with the Holy Spirit. Instead, they are worshipping false gods of personal peace and prosperity!

But when you truly cry out to God in repentance and ask Him to fill you again with His Holy Spirit, a divine torch will come down from heaven! Your heart will be set ablaze by the power of God! The Spirit of God will fill you with supernatural boldness and you will become fearless! Instead of running from the spiritual battle, you will run into the spiritual battle. When your heart is truly filled with the Holy Spirit, you will cry out to God and He will hear you. He will supernaturally meet your needs, He will heal you, and He will give you guidance, jobs, provision and protection. It is here that you will know what it means to walk under the shadow of the Almighty in Psalms 91.

As your brother in the Lord, I want to ask you to stop right now (without getting into an accident) and get on your knees before the Lord, or if that is not possible bow your heart while you are sitting. First, repent to the Lord that you have missed it. Admit that you have been running on empty. Then ask Him in faith to fill you to overflowing with the Spirit of God. If there is sin in your life, ask God for forgiveness and for the power to break the sin. As you come to God in prayer right now. The hand of God is touching you! At this moment you are being set on fire by the Holy Spirit. It may be quiet and gentle or you may feel the surge of God’s power descend upon you with electrified particles causing you to be lit up with the presence of the Lord. Begin to worship Him and praise Him. As you do, yokes will be lifted, bondages broken and prayers will be answered. Then obey your Master Jesus Christ, pick up your cross and follow Jesus into victory,
You were called for more than just to survive. You were called to overcome and to fully use the natural and spiritual gifts that God has given you.

In addition, you were called to be a spiritual warrior. Each of us is the great spiritual battle of the last days. The question is, “Whose side are your own?” Before you answer with your words, such look at your life. What you are doing with your life will tells us everything we want to know about which side you are own. It’s not too late to change sides! There is still time for you to repent and change your heart and mind. Make a decision to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life and not just your Savior. That is where the action is. That is where you will see the miracles of God in your life.

The ball is in your court. The choice is up to you. How long will you waiver between two opinions? Decades ago I surrendered to Jesus Christ as my Lord and not just may Savior. I have never regretted that decision. I am living on the cutting edge and where the action is!
Your brother in Christ,

Paul McGuire

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