Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Warning by Paul McGuire - EMP or nuke attack on U.S. WWW III

By Paul McGuire

In my prophetic novel, “The Warning,” a dark and sinister occult conspiracy has been unleashed against America and the world. Mexico, Canada and the United States have merged into a North American Union. A powerful leader with supernatural powers is bringing in a one world government and a one world religion. The warnings of the ancient Hebrew prophets of Israel are coming to pass. Terrorists have a secret plan, a crisis that will change America forever.
Most of the American and European public have not been paying attention and those that believe in their countries, traditional morality and God have been profiled as dangerous terrorists.

Now that Martial Law has been declared in Britain, the EU, Australia, America and many other nations, the Western World has become a Police State like Big Brother in George Orwell’s novel “1984.” The governments now has the power to arrest anyone and at anytime for any reason. The authorities no longer have to get permission from a court and men and women are disappearing from their homes, streets, public transportation and restaurants. Their wives, husbands, families, church members, children and co-workers are not allowed to know where they have been taken or if they are still alive.

Rumors are circulating that massive detention camps that have been secretly built across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia, Japan, South Korea, South America and South Africa are spreading, but it is illegal to talk about that. Supposedly, there are hundreds of millions of people in these camps for re-education worldwide. There are also rumors of over 75 million people who have been killed in these camps! Churches and media never talk about the disappearances. Many of those who have disappeared believed in the U.S. and other national constitutions. They rejected the new United Nations Constitution. Men and women who practiced and believed in traditional marriage, patriotism and who were caught reading Bibles and other forbidden religion were secretly abducted.

World War III has erupted and that is the reason for the Police State conditions. Hundreds of millions of people in many nations walk around in almost a trance state. In order to get food and work, they had to receive a biochip implant during a vaccination. These people cannot think clearly and they must show up daily at centers for their psychoactive drugs. Electro Magnetic Frequencies bathe the population in energy waves from their cell phones, laptops, smart meters, GPS, transmission towers and television sets. They produce an altered brain wave state which keeps people compliant and peaceful, especially as they interact with drugs.

Several times a week the population must attend, mandatory church services, which blend all the world’s religions together. The religious guides or are called “world servers,” teach the people that everything that is happening is part of a divine evolutionary plan, where human beings are being guided by highly evolved entities are guiding us into a new world order that will bring Paradise on earth. These entities teach that any individual who is trying to hold mankind’s evolution back by old fashioned ides on sexuality, belief in a Christian God, traditional morality or absolutes, must be removed from the planet in a great planetary cleansing which is soon to happen, when starships enter our dimension from another portal.

However, there are a growing number of individuals who are not going along with “The Plan.” They are being led by new media personality, who understands the real endgame and their movement is going viral across the planet. Strange signs are starting to happen in the sky, but the people are being told that these are signals that the starships are soon to arrive. click store then books. A number of Paul's books "The Day the Dollar Died, " "The Warning," "Are You Ready?, " "Are You Ready for the Microchip?," "Countdown to Armageddon," the 3-DVD series "American Dictatorship" and the new 3-DVD series "Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government, One World Economic System and Coming One World Religion" have accurately predicted major future events before they have happened.

For example, Paul predicted in his books and DVD's before it happened, such things as a major Al Qaeda attack, the Twin Towers, WMD's, Iraq, Iran and EMP's, the current weapons buildup in the Middle East, the collapse of the U.S. dollar, the distribution of the microchip implant via vaccinations, martial law and detention centers, the current economic crisis and other events. Paul predicted the coming merger of Canada, Mexico and the U.S. ten years before it was talked about openly and explained why Perry and other candidates have to go along with the CFR plans. Paul's books, conferences, television appearances and DVD series, which include a 2-hour special with the History Channel entitled "Seven Signs of the Apocalypse" have earned Paul the respect, as a highly credible international researcher, futurist and expert on Bible prophecy.

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