Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Paul McGuire Prophetic Analysis 1

By Paul McGuire

“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”
Mark 16:15

2012 is going to be a year of seismic change in America and the nations of the earth. Men and women who previously had hard hearts towards the Gospel of Jesus, are now going to be open, listen to the Gospel message and receive Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ told us that “the fields are white for harvest, but the laborers are few. “ That would characterize out time. The global economic crisis, the threat of World War III and the seismic shaking that is coming to every area of society are being used by God to soften the hearts of men and women that are going to receive Jesus Christ around the world by the millions.

The Lord put it my heart to produce a fast-paced and documentary DVD series called, “Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government, the Coming One World Economic System and the Coming One World Religion?” It is a 3-DVD series each DVD is around an hour long. It deals with the subjects that non-Christians and Christians are interested in such as the planned destruction of the global economy, the signs of the times. World War III, transhumanism, the occult symbols on the dollar bill and what is going to happen in America and the world in the near future? I produced it so that people who are turned off by religion would want to watch this series! It is cutting edge and up the minute. In addition, Scripture verses are used in an exciting way, Bible prophecy and current events. Most of all, there is clear explanation of the signs of the times and a call to receive Jesus Christ.

Are You Ready? Gospel Challenge

By the grace of God, the Lord has opened the door for me to share with millions of people the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the avenue of Bible prophecy and current events. Every week at Paul McGuire Ministries we get reports somewhere in the world, about individual who watched one of my DVD’s, saw me on television, heard me on the radio, visited the Blog and websites, attended a church meeting or conference and read one of my books. They usually start by saying something like, “I was very turned off by the Christian religion or I used to be a Christian.” Then they explain that someone gave them one of my books, they began reading the articles on my website or watched a DVD because it talked about economics, prophecy and what is really happening in this world, which the media is not telling them. Finally, they tell me that they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior or that they returned to the Lord after reading a book I have written or watched a DVD, because someone gave it to them! Someone like you!

I will never forget when our house almost collapsed during the Northridge Earthquake and all my unsaved neighborhoods camped out on our driveway in the dark and asked me questions like, “Paul are these the signs of the times Jesus Christ talked about? Is this the end of the world?”
People everywhere want to know why the economic system is collapsing. Are we approaching Armageddon and the mark of the beast? Where are America and other nations in Bible prophecy? Once you begin the discussion, they want to accept Christ into their lives.

I produced the 3-DVD series, “ARE YOU READY? FOR THE COMING ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM AND ONE WORLD RELIGION?” to prepare believers for what is coming and to answer the questions of non-believers, so that they would accept Christ. It was my prayer that it would be the kind of production that would have reached somebody like me and many of you, who were turned off by Christianity. Many years ago, before I was saved, Christianity would have been the last religion on earth that I would have considered! Yet, I believe if someone had invited me to watch the 3-DVD series “ARE YOU READY? FOR THE COMING ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM AND ONE WORLD RELIGION?” I would have been gripped and would have accepted Christ!

I am asking you to join us in a massive global evangelistic effort that uses “ARE YOU READY? FOR THE COMING ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM AND ONE WORLD RELIGION?” as an evangelistic and discussion resource. In the next few weeks, we will have material online that will explain how you can do just that. We also want to work with churches that want to use the 3-DVD series as an evangelistic tool and invite people to their churches for three days over a period of three weeks or better yet, three days in a row.

“ARE YOU READY? FOR THE COMING ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM AND ONE WORLD RELIGION?” is fast moving and covers important current and prophetic events that fascinate believers and non-believers alike! A church or a couple of individuals can host a series of nights where they can show all 3 DVD’s, which are each about one hour long. Someone is needed to host and promote the event, even if it is in your house. We will publish a guideline that will show you that this can be a safe and effective way to reach the lost and you will discover that when they hear what the topics are, that they will come!

If you are hosting a three day series that is spread over three weeks or three days, people can watch a video each night. You could serve coffee, tea and snacks, because people are more open in a relaxed atmosphere. You don’t have to worry about being the expert because the DVD will do all the work for you. Then after the viewing you can pray and invite people to Christ in a very low key manner. Then open it up for a friendly discussion for about one hour. In our published material we will show you how to host an event and how you can prayerfully control it and keep it on track.

We want churches to use the 3-DVD series at their churches and then the pastor can give a short message and invitation to accept Christ. In addition, there should be a time of informal discussion. There should be no high-pressure and it is a powerful pre-evangelism tool that will plant seeds in the hearts of people by just discussing it. The key to success is to pray over the event and use wisdom in hosting it. Don’t be afraid to invite the people that God places on your heart.
Many people are writing to us from all over the world and want to do this! We will ask that you contact us by Email and let us know what you are planning to do and what the results were. Also, we are preparing a “HOW TO HOST A “ARE YOU READY? FOR THE COMING ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM AND ONE WORLD RELIGION?” DVD SERIES EVENT, that will help you do this in an enjoyable and low key way!
I want to ask you to pray and seek the Lord about hosting such an event. If the Lord prompts your spirit to do so, then simply obey Him and step out in faith. For pastors and church leaders, if the Lord is leading you to host this event then contact us. It is a great way to invite people to your church for something that is not “religious,” but does use Scripture.

Pray about joining us in fulfilling the Great Commission! Right now all over the world there are hundreds of millions of people ready to receive Christ! They just need to be reached in a way that they can relate to. The Lord has put it in my heart to help as many believers and churches as possible to effectively win people to Jesus Christ around the world.
Your servant in Christ,
Paul McGuire

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