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By Paul McGuire

WARNING!  You may think falsely that there is a conflict between teaching God's Prophetic Word and current events and ministering in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit!  If you think there is a conflict between Prophetic Truth and the Truth of the Power of God, than you simply don't know the Truth!  Jesus Christ said, "You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!"  In all areas of your life!  When Jesus Christ ministered in the power of the Holy Spirit, people had a radical encounter with God, not fanaticism!  

Tonight you can be touched supernaturally and powerfully by God!  Join Paul McGuire in the prophetic Word tonight 7 PM Thurs May 16 Beth Ariel 22222 Saticoy, Canoga Park rear chapel. God can miraculously heal you from emotional, physical, financial, relational, job and other struggles.  Come and expect a miracle!  Bring friends!   We don't ask you to leave your mind at the door, or your Bible!  You will be set free!  However, if your mind is locked into playing religious games, we suggest that you stay home.

Please don't misunderstand that those words, you will be radically loved and accepted just as you are!    You don't have to act all religious!  "For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power!"  The power of God will lovingly transform your life, just as you are!

If you can handle that kind of radical love where you are totally accepted as you are and the power of God will set you free!  Come and join Paul.  If you are into playing church and religious games, this meeting may not be for you!  No matter how you come, if you are willing to have child like faith you will be accepted!  God Bless! 
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The Bilderberg Group is merging with Google.  This is the actual Transhumanist statue at the Grove Hotel where they are meeting.  "Dorothy we are not in Kansas anymore!"  Welcome to the Future!

Most people understand the enormous developments in computer technology and biotech.  However, most people do not realize that scientific mind control, has vast surpassed the other fields in its research and application.  The first thing you need to understand about mass mind control is that it is all-pervasive.  Every image you see on television, film and the internet has a high likelihood of being technological mind control, depending on its source.   That is not designed to send you into deep paranoia, where you are huddled in the corner of your room eating “Hostess Twinkies” and avoiding being watched by the Orwellian-camera in you flat screen digital television. 

Every movie, television show, news report, new story, movie script, music video and television news-theater is potentially part of a global interlocking mind control operation.  I realize that what I have said is overwhelmingly horrific and even the sheer force of its possibility of causing people to shut the blinds down psychologically and retreat to the caves of a virtual Osama bin Laden in the cognitive dissonance of Afghanistan.

One of the most terrifying movies ever made was, “The Manchurian Candidate,” the original black and white version starring Frank Sinatra, which was far more powerful than the later version with Denzel Washington.  The comedy-love story, “Conspiracy Theory,” with Mel Gibson also reveals how deep down the tunnel of Big Brother we have come.

On a daily basis, our sense and minds are assaulted with a bizarre array of images, stories, pictures and narratives that have a kaleidoscopic and stroboscopic effect and overwhelm our rational mind, forcing our subconscious to put together the pieces, which is the essence of mind control. 

What you are experiencing is a collective consciousness and global living theater that is being shared with hundreds of millions of people at the same time.  Notice for example, the week the Benghazi hearing broke that the news was mysteriously dominated by a story about three girls abducted as sex slaves in a Cleveland home.  It had all the gruesome elements of one of the sex-horror movies and captured the consciousness of the American public.  The other story that just happened to break was the trial of Jodi Arias, which was fulfilled with pornographic accounts and a horror movie style personality.

For the average American which has been dumbed down, their minds are occupied by an endless series of news stories which often break simultaneously, with important news.  If this is not mind control, then at the very least it is Big Brother manipulating the news through distraction.  So successful was Big Brother in the brainwashing process, that in the novel upon which Big Brother was based, “1984,” by George Orwell, the people truly believed that “Freedom is Slavery” and “War is Peace.”

When you are looking for the truth, there is so much information on the internet, but a lot of it is not credible.  The internet is a lot like “Alice in Wonderland,” where Alice meets the Caterpillar smoking the hookah pipe and saying this way and that way at the same time creating overwhelming confusion.  The information is loaded with disinformation and the so-called credible sources designed to take you off track.  It is a suicide pill for the gullible and like wandering the Las Vegas strip at midnight on LSD.

The Illuminati created in 1776 published the Illuminati Manifesto.  If you read the goals, you will notice that the Communist Manifesto is a mirror of the Illuminati Manifesto written about 100 years before the Communist Manifesto.  The big secret is that Communism is simply a tool of the occult Illuminati and it is not the atheistic system it pretends to be.  Karl Marx was a practicing Satanist.

1) The abolishment of all ordered Government
2) The abolishment of all private property
3) The abolishment of all inheritance
4) The abolishment of all Patriotism
5) The abolishment of all Religion
6) The abolishment of all family and marriage
7) The creation of a World Government or World Order- to take the place of all of the above things that had been abolished

The founder of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, wanted One World Government with the Illuminati in control. They plan was to get rid of all existing Government Order, through chaos, so that this goal could be accomplished.  Destroying private property and money, which is going on the in the U.S. right now, is really a mind control operation.  By having a Communistic type of "Community," or communal property, they could psychologically sever any sense of ownership, so that there would be no sense of patriotism or boundaries.

That is why hippie communes sprung up and today home ownership is being destroyed, because psychologically this would destroy all sense of individualism which is the enemy of the Communist collective state of consciousness.  Scientific mind control has integrated itself into the corporate world and business world.  The emphasis is on “group think” or the team, which is the collective.  The individual is not rewarded for unusual effort; the goal is not productivity or excellence, but being part of a team.

In the Christian world of mega-churches and church growth movements, you have change agents which are being used and promoted behind the scenes, whether they are aware of it or not.  In one Christian celebrity authors mission, his goal to attack the five “Global Goliath’s,” which include, Christian “ego-centric” leadership.  At first glance, that sounds very appealing, no more television preachers with giant egos.  But, when you dig deeper you see the attack is on strong men, who have strong beliefs and clear visions that might not be in agreement with globalist agenda, they are demonized by calling them, “ego-centric” leadership.

I am not doubting whether or not this author is a Christian or not, he may well be.  But, he is either self-deceived or incredibly naive about history and globalist agenda, of which he is a pawn.  Men or women who dare to stare history in the face and make changes are always labeled ego-centric.  However, it is precisely because they are strong-willed and ego-centric, that they have the ability to withstand incredible opposition and preserver.  This Christian author wants to use psychological processes and collectivist group think to neuter them.  Plain and simple this is mind control.

Remember the movie, “The Fountainhead,” starring Gary Cooper and written from the novel Ayn Rand.  Cooper played the role of a brilliant architect, whose passion was to create buildings that were never built before, that embodied greatness.  Cooper was ego-centric, as was the author Ayn Rand.  Those of the collectivist mindset conspired to blow up and burn down his buildings because they exposed the mediocrity of their cookie cutter and team mentality architecture.  Cooper precisely because he was ego-centric, had the courage to fight for his ideas.

The Christian celebrity author is using highly effective communication techniques based on scientific mind control to get people to go along with his non-Biblical vision.  Just because he smiles, is affirming and uses relational “Jiu Jitsu,” he successfully connects to the total misunderstanding of Biblical humility and love, by modern Evangelicals, who are committing suicide by the monotony of their message and not marital monogamy.

Powerful psychological transformation is about brain-washing, or mind control. These social engineers understand that if you can get children to be sexually active and encourage young girls to have abortions, without their parent’s knowledge, you sever the deep bonds between the parent and child.  You can then bond them to the government or state.  Again, all of this is sophisticated mind control.   Finally, through societal chaos and destroying all boundaries, you destroy all loyalty to God, country and family, so that you can program people’s loyalty to the collective or the state.

The psychological warfare strategy designed to accomplish this is called chaos.  The Illuminati used the term, “Order out of Chaos,” which in the words of the radical socialist organizer, Saul Alinksky, called “manufactured crisis.”  Ironically, Saul Alinsky dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals, which he dedicated, “To Lucifer the First. Revolutionary.”

As a former radical in the counter culture, who demonstrated with Abbie Hoffman when I was fifteen years old and attended all kinds of radical meetings, I was naive at first and did not understand that I was being used as a pawn.  Like many Americans in my generation, I never used the word “Communist” publicly because we were brainwashed into believing the Communist Conspiracy was “nut-job” and paranoid-wacko conspiracy theory promoted by “nuts” like Senator Joseph McCarthy.  Some of my friends fathers who had successful jobs as advertising men on Madison Avenue, tried to recruit me in the Communist Movement.  I was at meetings where SDS and the Weathermen were trying to recruit.  However, even though I held many radical views I could not buy their ideology.  As I looked around the world, common sense told me Communism was a failure and I did not see one single nation that was prosperous and free, that was Communist.

The only logical explanation I can give to seemingly otherwise intelligent young men and women buying into Leninism is the element of sophisticated brainwashing.  Supposedly, there are now many multi-generational Communists from generation, in positions of power.  I can only explain this by suggesting that they have undergone a very intense form of cult programming, just like a religious cult.  When I hear the story of former Weather Underground leader, Bill Ayers father, supposedly sponsoring Obama’s college education, it has all the earmarks of scientific brainwashing, because on every other sense it is irrational.  The same would be true for Bill and Hillary Clinton along with many others.

In 1963, the Communist Goals were examined at a Congressional Hearing.  Here is part of the record of that hearing.

Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record--Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963


Part 1 ....Part 2 will be posted very soon!  To be continued.    Here is the "take away,"  many of the people you know and love, have at the very least been conditioned by social engineering.  Their beliefs, especially about God are not their own, they have been programmed or indoctrinated.  I understand that the term mind control is a strong word and many people cannot handle it, so they reject it the truth that they are under varying degrees of mind control.  I could use terms like indoctrination, brain-washing, social engineering, conditioned, etc.  Those may be softer terms, but the reality is that people are under scientific mind control.

It is critically important that you understand the full implications of that term because when you do, a lot of things will begin to make sense!  In the book I am now finishing, "A Prophecy of the Future of America," I am explaining the real meaning of the word, "Sorcery," in the Book of Revelation.  Sorcery if it is defined correctly, is not only about drugs or pharmakeia and the occult, but it actually means mind control.  This goes back to the "Tibetan Book of the Dead" and before!  We are now in the beginning periods of what the Apostle Paul termed, "The Great Apostasy."  This "Great Apostasy," happens specifically in the so-called church!  There is an apostesia, or great falling away from the truth.

As the world moves progressively into the One World Religion, which I deal with the in my book and then the False Prophet emerges with his "emergent truth," for those who become Christians during this time period, they will fully understand the words of the Apostle Paul, "For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and dark unseen forces of wickedness in heavenly places."  This is not a game that we are in!  I really hope that you and your friends grasp the full implications of that verse.  Again, this is not a game!  This is not some cute religious fairy tale we are playing out, which is the way some of the mega-churches portray it.  This is the final spiritual battle between God and Lucifer, that will result in the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ to Jerusalem and the birth of a New Heaven, New Earth and New Jerusalem.

Everything we do and the legacy of our lives, should be played out with that fact in mind.  Maranatha!

Paul McGuire

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