Sunday, May 19, 2013


Paul McGuire teaches on "Conquering Your Mountain of Adversity," Full 25 minute version.  Paul explains how you can access the supernatural power of God through supernatural prayer and the Word of God!  This will help you and help people you know today.  Spread far and wide!   By passing this You Tube on to people who are not interested in religion, but need to see the actual power of God in their lives, you can reach far more people that you can imagine, especially when you encourage people to pass it on to others they know! 

Today countless millions are facing mountains of adversity in their lives and are in despair, feeling hopeless, discouraged and like there is now way out of the mess!  Let's face it! We have all been there!  By passing this short 25 minute message on where Paul McGuire prayers for people supernaturally and encourages people to join him, people can experience for themselves the actual, miraculous power of God in a non-religious way.  After watching this video yourself before you begin your day, the power and wisdom of God will come upon you supernaturally and your day will be radically changed for the better!  Then ask God to supernaturally bring into your mind the pictures of people you know or are associated with and through a simple act of faith send it to them across the nation and the world.  Then pray over it and watch what God will do, your mind will be blown by what God does through you!!

Please understand this is not about me, Paul McGuire, this teaching and other resources are free and we want to continue on and provide more and more free resources as we are able to to!  Visit for more info.  God ahead make yourself available to God today!  Although, Paul McGuire has written 22 books, speaks on CNN, the Fox News Channel and the History Channel has done 2-specials with Paul, Paul did not suddenly come out of nowhere!  He began doing what he is doing by speaking to small groups of businessmen, consisting of 5-20 people for free, except maybe a modest free lunch, for years!  Even today, even though Paul speaks at major conferences with 3,500 - 7.000 people attending, Paul never decides where to speak strictly on the basis of numbers or how much people will pay.  Although, Paul's ministry requires funds to operate, Paul still speaks at small churches, home Bible studies and small prophecy meetings, through Paradise Mountain Church.  These meetings are FREE and Paul never decides to speak based on money or numbers, Paul goes where the Lord tells him to go and never demands a set fee or a set honorarium.

Paul does not usually talk about this publicly, but people need to understand that what Paul does is not about money, it is about Jesus Christ!  Some people think because Paul speaks on the cliffs of Malibu, that Paul must be reach and he own an expensive home in Malibu,  Paul and his wife drive one hour to Malibu and one hour back from Malibu, to their home in Northern Los Angeles County.  For the majority of Paul's ministry he voluntarily chooses to take no salary from his church, does not personally keep honorariums from speaking or book royalties, but turns them over to the church.  Although, Paul made a rather large income from his career in radio, television, film, books and media, Paul does not keep that money - he donates or contributes all of it to Paradise Mountain Church and basically works for free, donating all his time where he works for the ministry a minimum of 80 hours per week, often getting up at 4:30 AM and working until late at night.

Normally, Paul never discusses this in public.  However, a number of people have written to Paul, falsely assuming Paul is personally rich, owns an expensive home in Malibu and does what he does for the money.  As you can see, this is not about Paul McGuire and it is not about money!  Paul does not do this for the money and never has!  Also, this is not about Paul, he is just the face on a ministry because people relate to people and not non-personal organizations.  This is about Jesus!  Paul has turned down some very big radio and TV talk show host jobs at major networks, because he wanted the freedom to talk about spiritual things!  On final thing, Paul's ministry and church have a tiny staff, of people who volunteer their time, even though the ministry reaches many millions of people across the world.  The only reason we are communicating these words is because it is important that people understand why we do what we do, how we do it and what our purpose is. 


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