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By Paul McGuire



December 7-12th on Jewish Voice

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Paul McGuire

Copenhagen's hidden agenda is a one world government and a sinister plan to divide Jerusalem. Twenty-seven foreign ministers of the European Union plan to recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of a new Palestinian State.

The Copenhagen Climate Summit will consume more energy than 60 nations. Over 1,400 limos (nobody is driving hybrid cars!) 140 private jets. Over 1,400 prostitutes in the Copenhagen sex union are offering free sex to any elite and delegate to anyone with a climate conference badge. At least another 140 private jets, more limos, hundreds of additional prostitutes and mountains of caviar are expected for this Climate Control Orgy...excuse me, "Summit."

This is just a foreshadowing of what the world government will be like during the Tribulation.

At some point President Obama will attend the Climate Control meeting in Copenhagen. The vast majority of America, churches and people around the world will have no real idea that Copenhagen is really about Global Government. From the very beginning, the ecological and environmental movement has been about creating a Trojan horse to bring in a World Communist Government and the Revived Roman Empire predicted by Daniel and the Apostle John in Revelat
I remember when I was a radical in the counter culture in the late 1960s-70s. I was demonstrating with the radical activist, Abbie Hoffman when I was 15 years old and meeting Timothy Learly and Ken Kesey in Manhattan. I remember listening to the leaders of the Anti-War Movement say over and over again, that when the Viet Nam War was over, they were going to need a new cause to rally the people behind in order to bring in a World Communist Government. About 30 years ago, I heard the same constantly, that the new movement would be centered on ecology and environmentalism. That was 30 years ago!

What is Copenhagen really all about? It is about a stealth plan to surrender the national sovereignty of the United States under a United Nations World Government! There are rumors that over one million troops are being brought back into the U.S. to prevent riots when the people of the United States begin to understand what is going on.

Around 2002, Maurice Strong, Al Gore and Barack Obama were involved in the Chicago Climate Exchange which was heavily funded by Goldman Sachs, (A key player in the Federal Reserve) and an institution called the Joyce Foundation which also funded the John Ayer's Chicago School of Initiatives. John is the brother of former Weather Underground member, Bill Ayers. The purpose of the Chicago Climate Control Exchange was to stop global warming.

American's will soon lose their Constitution and Bill of Rights like the Europeans lost their constitutions when the European Union took control. The dollar, as I detail in my book, "The Day The Dollar Died, is deliberately being destroyed by the international bankers and the Federal Reserve, in order to bring in a world currency and a world government.

Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. First, we have the occult, New Age and coming one world religion as the driving force behind globalism and a one world currency. Many of the world's most powerful leaders are involved in the occult and New Age movement. Maurice Strong, the Canadian Billionaire, is heavily involved in the occult and New Age. He is a key player in environmentalism, population reduction, the World Bank, world government and the coming one world religion.

In 1992 the United Nations held a Rio Earth Summit in the same place Agenda 21 was conceived. The game plan was and is to force prosperous nations like America to pay reparations to Third World nations of $125 billion per year for decades. That figure was established in 1992. I would suspect America is now going to pay out trillions of dollars from the hard working Middle Class. The idea is to destroy the American Middle Class, and the Middle Class in nations around the world. This equalizes the playing field and you will then have two classes the serfs or lower class and the elite or upper class.

A computer hacker recently broke into the international scientific and political E Mail's. Thousands of internal E Mail's have been released proving global warming is a complete hoax in the words of the scientists and powerful political leaders themselves. But, the corporate controlled media in the U.S. is hiding the story from the American public in an event that is now called "Climategate."

But, we have just scratched the surface. A very powerful occult-elite in our world, which I name in "The Day The Dollar Died, is planning to reduce the world's population down to 400 million " trillions of dollars of wealth from the Middle Class into Third World Nations. That is why American's are being programmed to go "green," drive small cars, use very little energy and in short learn to accept a far lower standard of living.

In order to accomplish this, the elite are promoting a one world religion. In Melbourne, Australia, leaders of the world's different religions met to discuss this goal. In the United Nations building there is a Sri Chinmoy meditation room. Sri Chinmoy has been active in the World Parliament of Religions and said, "I fully agree that all religions lead to one truth, the Absolute truth. There is One truth. There is only one Goal, but there are various paths. Each religion is right in its own way."

We are witnessing Bible prophecy being fulfilled. There is a convergence of a one world government, a one world religion and a one world currency. But, we must remember, God has promised to take care of true believers in Jesus Christ and He has "not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind." It was Hanukkah season when the Secular ruler, Antiochus IV destroyed Jerusalem and the Maccabean Revolt also spoke prophetically about our time. We will go into all this and more in the upcoming prophecy meetings, books and MP3's in greater detail

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December 7-12th on Jewish Voice

Paul joins Jonathan Bernis on the national television show Jewish Voice which airs God TV and many other Christian networks from 12/7 - 12/13. Below are the times that the show will air. You can also watch the show on their website under the television tab.


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