Friday, December 25, 2009



By Paul McGuire

In my last Paul McGuire E Blast I asked you to pray for a soldier stationed in a dangerous place in Afghanistan and all the men and women serving our country around the world.

A few seconds ago I read a personal E Mail to me from that soldier deep in Afghanistan, in a secret location. I have changed his name and deleted certain pieces of information to protect him and his family. This is the soldier and his wife I asked you to pray for in my last E Blast. This solider is serving our country in a very dangerous place and contacted me a few moments ago on Christmas Eve!

About a week ago, I was praying for the soldier’s wife on the phone for her husband. She told me the last time she talked to him she could hear over the rocket blasts and fire from weapons. They are surrounded by Taliban forces.

Today, while you celebrating; I would like you to stop for a few minutes and think about this soldier, his fellow soldier’s and his wife and to pray for them.

Here is the E Mail he sent me:

To Paul from John:

merry christmas from -------- afghanistan! hello paul- i got my books the day the dollar died and are you ready? today & will start reading them tonight- thanks! also thanks for putting my wife & i on your prayer list. we are not your typical americans- we have managed our debt well without having made a lot of money in our lifetime, don’t owe anyone a dime {intend to stay that way} and have savings. i like the quote by henry ford about the banking system. "if the people knew". well i don’t know if they did it would help. the more people that you put together seems the stupider they become. it's the "there's safety in numbers" syndrome maybe. we are getting other people to "wake up" is frustrating. thanks again paul, ill write again when i finish the books.

This soldier and his fellow soldiers are in harm’s way. We need to hold up them and their families. This is not about politics. This is about doing the right thing! Yet, his deepest concern was that American’s and other people around the world would wake up to what is happening in our nation. Let us lift up in prayer all of our political leaders including President Obama.

Due to your prayers and support of Paul McGuire Ministries, we are receiving responses from ordinary men and women from around the world, as well as high-level political, military, and scientific officials who cannot speak out openly. They are being ministered to by the Lord Jesus Christ through our books and messages on prophecy. As many of you know, there is a giant hunger our there from people who want to really know what is going on the world and who the real God is. They are not interested in this fluffy and fake Christianity. They want the real message of Jesus Christ.

Together you and I are doing that. During this Christmas and Hanukkah Season let us pray for the people God has put in our lives and tell them the entire truth about the Gospel of Christ and the truth about what is happening in our nation and world.

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