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Paul's latest best-selling book explains how the current financial meltdown is leading to a one world economic system, cashless society, the mark of the beast and a one world government.


Economic experts like Gerald Celente, who is one of the world's most respected financial analysts who advises the CEO's of Fortune 500 Companies and heads of State, are predicting social revolution, food riots, a possible civil war in the United States and a new Great Depression.

Let us look at some video footage which gives information about what could possibly happen in the U.S. alone. I give further information in my books "The Day The Dollar Died" and "Are You Ready?" I also give prophetic intelligence briefings and messages which you can see at on and click store.

I will never forget going on my nationally syndicated radio show after finishing my book “Are You Ready?” Some people were furious and nervous that I would dare to suggest that there was a plan to unify Canada, Mexico and the United States into a North American Union. I was the first author and radio talk show host to break the story.

I asked the former White House Press Secretary, at that time, Tony Show on the air if it was true. He denied it. However, today all of my critics are silent. In addition,
I followed up “Are You Ready?” with my new book “The Day The Dollar Died” which proves that there is deliberate plan to destroy the dollar by the Federal Reserve in order to bring in a world currency. After Copenhagen and both Russia and China demanding that the Federal Reserve stop printing money from nothing, once again all the skeptics are completely silent. In my book I show how both political parties are controlled by the same interests.
In what would have made George Orwell blush with pride, Time Magazine puts a picture of Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve on the cover of their magazine as “Man of the Year. Time writes, “The story of the year was a weak economy that could have been much, much weaker. How the mild-mannered man who runs the Federal Reserve prevented an economic catastrophe.”

The newest book by Paul McGuire. This book is available on Paul McGuire’s website. Totaling approximately 176 pages this book is a conspiracy theorists dream come true. Highlighting so many pieces of the globalist conspiracy and making so many amazing connections throughout history and in the bible, it was impossible for me to put down for more than a few hours.

I devoured this book in less than 2 days.
In this great book Paul outlines and ties together fascinating topics such as:
Mass Mind Control
The U.S. & U.K.'s support of Hitler and the Nazis and the American Hitler Youth movement
The roots of Communism - Karl Marx the Christian turned Satanist
A North American Union
Why John F. Kennedy was assassinated?
Project VULCAN
Israel, God's Clock
Project MK Ultra Monarch Slaves
President Obama's Socialist Agenda
The Hegelian Dialectic
Who Started Women's Liberation and why?
H.G. Wells the science fiction writer who helped create the New World Order.
The Bull/Moose Party
The Mark of the Beast
VeriChip Technology America the Next China
A Society Under Surveillance he Origins of the Rebel/Hippie Movement
The Stripping of Constitutional Rights
The Dumbing Down of America
The Failed American School System
By all means the list above is not complete.
Overall Paul McGuire has touched on so many amazing topics with such clarity and concise analysis it will leave your heart pounding and head spinning.

Written from a truly Christian perspective "The Day The Dollar Died" is a must read for Christians and conspiracy theorists. You are not going to be able to set it down. It will strengthen your walk.
*You can purchase "The Day The Dollar Died" or “Are You Ready?” at


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