Sunday, December 27, 2009



*Paul was joining his wife on the cliffs above Malibu, at sunset, to share a prophetic message for 2010. It will be a series of prophetic messages that Paul will share live from Malibu, California. Paul will be on God TV starting today to share what he believes what is about to happen prophetically both in the U.S. and around the world. Watch the You Tube and read Paul’s message below. Please sure to pass the whole series on to others so that by God’s grace the Lord can use it to minister to them.

I was seeking the Lord in prayer about what I should share to people who watch our videos from around the world. People like a soldier and his fellow troops located deep in Afghanistan. When I share a message I just don’t talk. I do an incredible amount of research on the spiritual, prophetic, Biblical, economic, political, social, medical, military, governmental and geopolitical levels.

In addition to seeking the Lord and studying His Word, I consult privately with leaders at the very highest levels. Please view You Tube Video and pass it on to others. In fact, pass the entire series along to them. I deal with things like economics and social problems, but I also deal with Bible prophecy, the importance of walking in the Holy Spirit, the role of the Comforter in the last days, the miraculous, a supernatural relationship with Jesus Christ, a prophetic understanding of your purpose and what is happening in our world and a personal invitation to be filled with the Spirit and accept Christ. In short, if you send the whole series, which is free, to believers and non-believers the Lord can use this to minister to them, uplift them, guide, release them from bondage and bring them to Him in salvation. Watch the message and pass it on!

The Spirit of God impressed upon my heart to give people real reasons for hope based on the promises of His Word and the power of His Spirit!

Your friend in Christ,

P.S. Go to and get our special discount on “Catch the McGuire Fire” T-shirts with the website printed on the back. These websites are deliberately designed to be non-religious and attract attention so that people will go to the website, come to the conferences and read the books. Every time you wear one, you provoke someone’s curiosity and it gives you a chance to talk about all kinds of things which will open the door for you to minister to them! Jesus said, “The fields are white for harvest but the laborers are few.” Many people are truly hungry for the Lord, but turned off to religion.

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