Monday, June 4, 2012

False Prophets, Psychopaths, Cannibalism & Prophecy

False Prophets, Psychopaths, Cannibalism & Prophecy

By Paul McGuire

You turn on the evening news and you see news stories of men high on drugs savagely eating and tearing apart the faces of other men. A man suspects his wife is being unfaithful in Florida and he beheads her. Now a young gay porn star, Luka Rocco Magnotta, dubbed the Canadian Psycho, was arrested in a Berlin internet cafe for allegedly murdering his gay lover, Jun Lin.

Jun Lin, a university student whose torso was found in the apartment while parts of his body were mailed to political offices in Ottawa, including the prime minister’s party headquarters. The alleged killer, Magnotta, recorded a ten minute video, entitled, “One Lunatic, One Ice Pick,” was set to the soundtrack from American Psycho, earning the suspect his nickname. The videotape which claims to record the gruesome crime was posted on the internet showing a man stabbing his naked and bound victim with an ice pick. According to police authorities, the attacker then hacks him to pieces and eats part of his flesh and performs sexual acts on the corpse. Then the murderer tears his victim apart like a doll.

After a week of what some are calling a “Zombie Apocalypse.” where men savagely eat the faces of other men alive, In New Jersey, a 43-year-old Hackensack man stabbed himself and threw his skin and intestines at officers. In between all of this there were other incidents that were equally as horrifying.

These barbaric crimes cannot simply be attributed to drug use. Drugs may have played a factor in acts more savage than any horror movie. But, the real issue is that once the fear of God and the law of God is removed from the land, anything goes! There are no longer any moral restraints because there is no longer any right or wrong. The Bible predicted these things would come in the last days.

When church waters down the Gospel and stops preaching the truth of God’s Word, the powers of darkness are free to invade the hearts and minds of men and women. When Christians will no longer listen to the ministers of truth, the false prophets and false teachers arise, and the floodgates of evil are opened. Since there is no teaching on sin, judgment, hell and heaven the law of God is banished from the land. But, it is not the politicians that banned the law of God from the land, but the church! The true prophets of God are persecuted by the church, pulpits and denominations because they want teachers who will tickle their hears! When there is no standard and no prophetic warning, men do what is right in their own eyes, They are pleasure seekers, cruel, monstrous, sadistic and given over to utter depravity. From a prophetic standpoint, lawlessness increases and the love many grows cold.

With the exception of the Remnant, the church in America, Europe and many other nations wants a Seeker Friendly and motivational Gospel where Bible prophecy, judgment, sin, the law of God, heaven and hell are censored.

The inevitable result of this kind of preaching is total evil begins to take over society. Evil so dark that it is unspeakable. This is what the prophets warned would happen in the last days. There is still time for the church in America to wake up and specifically repent of its lukewarm condition. It is time to fast and pray. It is time to cry out to God for mercy. It is time for you to choose what side you are on. There is no middle ground. If you have chosen the side of the Laodician Church and those who are comfortable in being lukewarm, remember Christ said, "I will vomit you out of my mouth." If you have chosen the side of accommodation, you are in rebellion from God. You are playing church and have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof.

The other alternative is to choose the side of surrender to the Lordship of Christ and complete faithfulness to His Word. This is the side of preaching the entire truth, no matter what the cost. It is the side of teaching all of Bible prophecy, as we do in our DVD series, “Are You Ready?” I did not produce this to make money, but to win souls and change nations. The “Are You Ready?” DVD series is the most powerful prophetic-evangelistic tool I am aware of. It is radically changing lives in nations across the world!

If you want a safe and sanitized Christianity while your nation’s economy collapses and dictators rise to manage the chaos, than the “Are You Ready?” DVD series is not for you. The “Are You Ready?” DVD series clearly reveals to the viewer what is happening and what is coming. “Moon into Blood,” which is the next DVD deals with current events as move towards the Tribulation. You will understand why murders more horrific and perverse than horror movies are happening and why people are eating each other’s flesh like cannibals. These DVD’s deal with reality and present truth and hope of God’s prophetic Word. These are not powerful spiritual tools for the Remnant to use in the last days.

The Laodician Church is on the “Titanic,” seeking safety in the false promises of the world system. Cannibalism and psychopaths are living evidence that we are in the last days. The question is what are you personally doing about it and are you ready?

Paul McGuire - OPEN YOU EYES! Cannibalism and Psychopaths roam our streets and it is increasing. We are seeing the breakdown of society as the prophets predicted would happen in the last days. Russia warns of nuclear intervention in Syria and the global economy could collapse. With the exception of the Remnant the church in America is asleep. They worship false prophets who tickle their ears. Where is the sense of urgency? Where is the burning passion for souls? Where is the roar of intercession? Where is the personal conviction of the Holy Spirit upon individual believers to reach the lost? For crying out loud men are eating each other’s faces up violently and one man tortured another man to death for pleasure, had relations with his corpse, laughed and made a videotape of it? We are being desensitized to horrific evil. When you become desensitized to horrific evil you become evil. Guard your spirit and ask God to set your heart on fire for souls! Read Blog

Paul McGuire on Coast to Coast with George Noory May 21st, 2012 Financial Crisis Special. Paul is on the first hour with George. Over 5.1 millions people tuned in. George Noory has archives of all of his shows Convergence and Bible Prophecy  with Paul McGuire.  In the first hour, author and professor of biblical prophecy, Paul McGuire, spoke about a convergence of events-- a possible WWIII, a one-world govt./economic system, radical earth changes such as tsunamis and volcanoes, which relate to Bible predictions about Armageddon and End Times. In addition to Bible prophecy in books such as Revelation, the works of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, as well as the Mayans and Hopi, also point to the next 30 years as being a time of accelerating cataclysms, he said.

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