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Power of God Now! Paul McGuire

Join Paul Thursday June 21st at Beth Ariel for a Bible study on current events and a special update on Israel and the Middle East. Paul will teach from the Word of God and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. Bring a friend and someone who needs to be ministered to by the Presence of the Lord and the teaching of the Word! 22222 Saticoy Canoga Park, California (rear chapel) at 7PM. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!


By Paul McGuire

I deliberately used the words "God's Power Now!" No matter what you are going through, God has the answer for your problem! God chose you before the foundation of the world to live in this world now, in what is called the last days. As such, He has supernaturally equipped you to live victoriously in the midst of this world. People seem to postpone the power of God in their life to some ambiguous point in the future. But, God is the God of the Now! God will begin to move in your life the instant you ask Him to!

God will begin to move in your life the moment you call on Him! That does not mean He will answer your prayer immediately, but He will be engaged in it. Sometimes God seems to answer your prayer immediately and often there is a time delay. That time delay could last years. It is not that God is cruel, but there many other factors involved. But, you can be sure if you are open to Him, that you will walk in a supernatural and divine partnership until you see the pray answered.

You may be facing financial difficulties such as unemployment or losing your house. You may be dealing with relational or marriage problems. Perhaps you are single and you desire a mate? Maybe you challenged by poor health, sickness and disease? It could be that you opened the door to some kind of sin and bondage in your life and you need God to set your free with His power. Finally, you may feel that you have been called to accomplish something in business, ministry or some other kind of pursuit and you need breakthrough.
I want to share with you that God has the supernatural power to move miraculously in your life starting at this very moment.  The below video is going viral all over the world on thousands of websites and social media.

Go Into All The World Paul McGuire - Spread Far & Wide

I explain this in the DVD series,Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government, One World Economic System and One World Religion? While doing the research for this series, I consulted with high-level military experts, scientists involved in transhumanism, Biblical scholars, Constitutional legal authorities, economists, Prime Ministers and physicists.


Accept the "Are You Ready? Gospel Challenge."

Right now we have just finished producing five Bible prophecy television shows that powerfully explain the signs of the times and lead people to Jesus Christ, through Bible prophecy and current events. These are professionally produced programs by a professional Hollywood crew. In addition, we have just finished shooting the "Moon into Blood" DVD, that many of you have pre-ordered. After editing we will mail you your copy before it is available to the public.

Due to Bible prophecy coming true in our generation, there is a giant window of opportunity to reach people for Jesus Christ. We have just finished producing five powerful television programs that can reach millions. But, in order to complete these productions at the highest quality, so that they will attract large numbers of viewers, I am asking for your help!

You can contact me at Paul McGuire c/o Paradise Mountain Church International 25876 The Old Road # 136 Stevenson Ranch, California 91381

The History Channel is doing a second special with me on the Book of Revelation. The first special we did, was one of their highest rated programs viewed by millions of people.

Internally, the producers at the History Channel have given me their highest rating for an expert guest, because by the grace of God, I communicate directly in a manner that pulls in a large audience.

The irony is that God is raising up secular television networks to preach on Bible Prophecy and the Book of Revelation because pastors and the church in America will not do it! I have done two specials on Revelation and Prophecy for the History Channel, which millions have viewed. In the second History Channel special on Bible Prophecy, the Executive Producer told me to give an altar call! A secular producer had more of burden for souls and God's prophetic Word, than most pastors who forbade the teaching of Revelation in their churches.

This is why with your help we are producing high powered television specials on Bible Prophecy and current events that will reach the lost! With these television shows that we have just finished producing, we now have the opportunity evangelize on very large networks. Jesus Christ said, "The fields are white for harvest but the laborers are few." But, I need your prayers and financial support, because a disturbing percentage of the church actually opposes our efforts to teach on prophecy, especially if you tie it to current events. These religious leaders want to play it safe. But, God did not call us to play it safe, but to preach the truth!

Bible prophecy teaches us that the next major event coming up on the prophetic timeline is the supernatural deliverance of God for His people. Those who reject this deliverance will be ruled by a world charismatic ruler known as the Antichrist. A global economic system is established where you cannot buy or sell without a microchip or biochip implant - the mark of the beast. There is deep spiritual deception and apostasy in the church today. The mark of the beast is not symbolic, anymore than the resurrection of Jesus Christ is symbolic. The mark of the beast is literal!

Those true believers who are walking with the Lord can expect supernatural deliverance from the Great Tribulation. But, those who right divide the Word of God understand that the Great Tribulation, the mark of the Beast, the Seven Seals, The Seven Trumpets, the Seven Bowl Judgments and the Second Coming are literal!

Study the Word of God to show thyself approved! I am not here to argue about the timing of the Rapture. But, the cataclysmic judgments in Revelation have never happened before in human history! Never! The Great Tribulation is a future event, unless you’re dropping acid.

Some of you are under a great delusion that the Apostle Paul warned about. You have allowed yourself to be swept up by the Great Apostasy. Who are you to sit in judgment over God's Word and say it is symbolic or an allegory? Who are you to say God's Word is a fairy tale? You are in deep spiritual deception because you worship and tithe in the house of apostasy!

God is not mocked, whatever a man reaps, that will he also so. We produced the "Are You Ready?" DVD series and are producing "Moon into Blood: to wake up a sleeping church in America and Europe! I have enclosed an MP3 study on the Book of Revelation for you to download, so you can study the Word for yourself! Download the entire Book of Revelation MP3 series and listen to it in your car and home. You must understand the message of Revelation for yourself!

Europe and America are on the verge of a great judgment! Yet, many of you are so casual. Some of you do not want to show the "Are You Ready?" DVD series to your friends because you are afraid of offending them? Are you not afraid of offending God more? What if your friends are eternally separated from God because you did not want to offend them with God's prophetic Word! Remember God is not mocked. There is still time for the church in America and Europe to repent, but the clock is running out! Remember the Parable of the Virgins who had their lamps trimmed. Is your lamp ready? Are You Ready?

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