Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Go Into All The World - Think Supernaturally by Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire if you are abiding in Christ and He abides in you supernatural power flows through you that transcends your intellect, your temporary emotional states and the problems of this world which can weigh you down. If you renew your mind and open your mind to the reality that all things are possible with God, then you will begin to think supernaturally and act supernaturally.

This does not mean that your life will no longer have problems, but it does mean that your life will be released by the dunamis power of God. It is from that context that God will use you to "Go Into All The World" and communicate the reality of the Gospel. You maybe the actual spokesperson, you may be the one praying which makes it all happen, or you may help ministries like ours go out and do it.

From an eternal perspective it does not matter what position you play as long as you are in the game. That is all that matters that you are in the game of helping people walk through the doors of eternity by placing their faith in Christ. Right now this “Go Into All The World, “ video is being viewed by numerous platforms and apps. The number of viewers you see here is just a tiny percentage of the actual amount of viewers which I have been told is somewhere between 325,000 – 497,000 viewers across the world. This video began with a God idea, as I was producing a new prophecy DVD and writing a new book to go along with it. The purpose of the video is to get people to think for themselves about the signs of the times and their personal responsibility to participate in what is called the Great Commission. I am not selling anything, not plugging a website or making any kind of money on this. The “Are You Ready?” at the end is deliberately blurry and my name is deliberately cut off from a graphic which serves only to ask a question, because by looking at it, it is clear no product is being promoted.

The “Go Into All The World” video deliberately does not tell people what to do or spoon feed them what to think. Its purpose is to simply stimulate thought, because when people discover something for themselves it is much more powerful than giving them an answer. It is far better to help them discover the answer! That bothers some people, because a lot of people want you to tie the bow in a tidy little package, but that approach simply does not work, as evidenced by the fruit of many well-meaning efforts. The other reason for approaching it this way, is that we are encouraging people to spread this as far and wide as possible, and as quickly as possible. That means you pass it along and it spreads virally which it already has. By not hanging a neon sign around your intent, the “Go Into All The World Video” is quickly moving through social media in totalitarian nations, which would normally block it.

The goal is to send it out far and wide and as fast as possible. If you notice people are discussing it and making comments on many, many websites and blogs around the world. There is inherent power in Truth! By just making the choice to send the Truth out there in cyberspace it creates powerful changes in the landscape of the collective consciousness we call reality. This reality is normally controlled by the Orwellian forces of Big Brother which usually respond like cyber sharks devouring truth the moment it is tossed like food in the ocean of mass human consciousness.

My name is mentioned just very briefly because there are social media platforms that will carry it on that basis, but is not about me. It is about Him. I just took a simple idea and ran with it like I do almost every day with the You Tubes I record from the Malibu Cliffs. There are some people who want a big television production. I can do that I used to produced science fiction feature films and television for a living. I have a bunch of high quality television shows we just produced which will be airing on various networks real soon.

But, you see we live in a world where most people feel lonely, isolated, fragmented and cut off. They feel disenfranchised from the system. I want these people, like you and me to know that I am just one guy with a camera that someone donated to me standing on the cliffs of Malibu talking to you like I would talk to a friend, wherever you maybe in the world. My lovely wife Kristina of 35 years is the camera woman. It’s just us and Jesus on the cliffs of Malibu talking to the world. When the camera is not rolling, we are strolling along the beach holding hands, hugging and laughing and every time we sense the Holy Spirit move through the camera, we are thankful to God that He has given us the privilege to talk to the world from one camera on the cliffs of Malibu, California.

You can imagine the joy we experience as we receive personal E Mails from places like Iceland, Germany, England, Dubai, Canada, England, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Alaska, Moscow, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Korea, Japan just moments after we upload.

So join us and help spread this video, “Go into All the World” far and wide as fast you can, or embed it on your Blog, Facebook or website.

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